Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Victoria Court is giving back to chosen children

Victoria Court with its humble Directors visited again its chosen children recently . The company has been taking care of the Chosen Children Village since year 2000, that’s 12 years of building cottages, donating basic necessities and giving cash for the operating expenses.

Why Chosen Children? Why support this cause? The special children of this village are very close to their hearts. These children all have very touching stories of how they got to the village and how they cope with their disabilities. Most of these children are products of rape and attempted abortions.

Being born under such a negative light should not dictate how the children will live their life. At this village, they learn to live, to love and to survive.

Attendees of this event include Managing Directors Atticus and Ian King with the CFO Merlie Endaya. Ian’s lovely wife and Philippine Top Model Joey Mead-King was also there to give her love to the kids and President of the Board of Chosen Children Village, Ms. Rosemarie Villareal. 

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