Monday, June 18, 2012

Food Trip Saturdays: Okonomiyaki at Kagura Japanese Restaurant and Bo's Coffee cookies

Going Japanese for this week's Saturday! Kon'nichiwa!

My love for food has grown and each food adventure makes me more excited to try and experience new things! Of course, the adventures of food exploration made possible thanks to Le boyf. Hihi.

Okonomiyaki -- yes. A Japanese word for a certain kind of food. I first heard of it from my superfriends way back when I was still working in a BPO company. I was like "what??" when they mention it to me and said that I should try it as soon as possible. However, I wasn't able to for some reasons I can't remember why. Fast forward to present day, me and Le boyf tried it out and had me smiling like this: ^_____________________^
Good thing that my boyfriend knew how to go to this Japanese Restaurant my friends has been telling me before. Somewhere in the middle of Makati City (beside Makati Cinema Square), there's this Japanese nook where upon entering, you'll feel the Japanese vibe. Okay, again, I forgot to take photos of the area because I was soooo amazed again like a child. Like I was like entering Narnia the minute I entered that secret door. LOL

There were several Japanese restaurants inside the area. Le boyf and I searched for the one that cooks the great okonomiyaki and so we found Kagura Japanese Restaurant.
very Japanese lang ang peg! Lakas maka-Hapon!
Oh Tokyo soul! I am never really a fan of Jap whatever, but this one gave me the feel that I should trade in my Chinese ancestry to Japanese. Kidding.

By the looks of it, the owner must really be die-hard fans of the Hanshin Tigers, a Japanese baseball team. Well, even their tv screen is set to a baseball game of the Hanshin's. Wonder if that's a live game or a recorded one, didn't ask.

Basically, okonomiyaki literally means "what you like" or "what you want". Others term it as Japanese pancake. It is made up of flour, eggs and cabbage. From there, you'll get to choose several ingredients you would want to add to the batter like pork or bacon, squid, kimchi, octopus, squid, cheese etc. That night, we chose octopus on it. I am getting more and more excited to have my first bite of okonomiyaki and when it arrived, that BIG smile was back on my face!
A big plate of this. Imagine my eyes grew big upon serving.
Though it is referred to as pancake does not mean it is sweet. I could maybe resemble it to a pizza more. I could remember I was silent for the first few minutes eating this. But inside of me, there are fireworks, magic, sparks that played on my mouth. I know, crazy right? But it is wonderful to goodness! The batter was great (especially while still hot) and the sauce just made it tastier and creamier. Although the octopus was quite bit difficult to chew, still it's a perfect match for the okonomiyaki.

Definitely we 'll be back and try other okonomiyaki toppings with it! 

We headed to Glorietta to watch the last-full show of a movie. But the movie time we chose is not until 1 hour and a half so we decided to relax a bit to our new favorite coffee place -- Bo's Coffee.
Mocha Froccino Php135 | Fudgy Nut and Chocolate Chunk cookies, Php35 or 45 each?  Soooorry I forgot the price!
I'm really happy that I was invited for a blog event with Bo's Coffee before. I never really tried their coffee until that day and I was an instant fan of their brews. Now we kept coming back. Their Mocha Froccino is a fave of mine. Just perfect while relaxing and easing up. And the cookies are heavenly! 

Little Tokyo Unit 2
2277 Pasong Tamo St, Makati City

G/F Glorietta 5, North Street cor. Courtyard Drive
Ayala Center, Makati City


  1. Great post, and the okonomiyaki photo looks amazing. If you are interested in more information on okonomiyaki, check out for history, recipes, ingredient details, etc. Have fun!

  2. Around how much are the prices there? :)


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