Monday, July 2, 2012

Bigfish Innovation White 2012 - Party 'til dawn!

After a week piled with paper works and five days worth of stress, I'm definitely looking for one thing that could relieve all the stress. And that calls for the biggest party happening on a wonderful Saturday night: THE BIGFISH INNOVATION WHITE PARTY 2012!

The party is all set and ready to take the party crowd in at the World Trade Center. As we walked inside, we got caught in a flood of people all dressed in white and strange but beautiful creatures sparkling and glowing pass us by. We were also offered with samples of Power Horse, an energy drink to give us the kick and pump our energy all the way 'til dawn!

I was very lucky to be invited and be able to see face to face the legendary DJs namely Cosmic Gate, Myon and Shane 54, Bobina and Emma Hewitt playing for us tonight! At the PressCon, we waited a bit long for them to arrive but in an instant, everyone was up on their feet, clamoring and is extremely excited as they arrived! Talked about being fashionably late! Soon, the room was filled with flashes, talks and questions from the bloggers and press people.
Left: Me with the stunning and gorgeous Emma Hewitt! She's so nice!
Right: Standing tall with me are the Cosmic Gate guys! I look like a kiddo here haha

After the press conference, we all went down and I'm pretty much excited as everyone else to party along!

The international sensation Cosmic Gate wowed the start of the epic party. There were fireworks, confetti and strobe lights that streamed through dance floor! Everyone moved to the beat of and pumped, danced and had a great time! DJ after DJ the floor was never short of great music, everyone hyped up and moved with the beat!

I have to say but Bigfish is great for bringing the greatest and coolest talents from all over the world here in Manila. With the success of Innovation White Party, I cant wait for the Black Party this August! I'm really excited and can't wait for my party feet to move along!

Special thanks to Jason Tomas, PR for this one night of fun and booze, for inviting me and accommodating everyone who came to party 'til dawn!

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