Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Papa John's experience

Papa John's tagline is very catchy -- Better ingredients. Better pizza.
May naidugtong pa kaming line na malupit -- Better ingredients. Better pizza. Better papa!

Indeed! Napaka-better naman talaga ng kanilang pizza. After our day in the office, Ken, Mikee and I opted to go to Papa John's University Mall at Taft on our payday. Matagal na namin pinaplano itong day na ito since most of our callers in the US choose either Papa John's or Dominos Pizza's pizza. Matagal na din naman may DP dito and natikman na namin ang kanilang servings kaya go kami sa new opening na PJO!

We ordered their Super Papa's pizza, their largest size. Topped with sausages, ham,  pepperoni, fresh sliced mushrooms, peppers and the works. You can compare this to Shakey's Manager's Choice. What PJO can boast off to consumers is that they offer better pizza from the bottom up and that they have the finest and the freshest ingredients. Well, napaniwala nila ako! From the first bite, to second, to third at hanggang sa crust..it's fresh! Take note, it's not oily! Wala yung greasy feeling when I'm eating pizza. What I also like is that the crust is not burned. Kaya I'm enjoying munching on to my pizza until the crust! They also have this special garlic dipping sauce where you can dip the crust. Pero kahit wala yung sauce, ayos na din eh haha!
Super Papa's pizza makes me crave for more papa!

I ordered also their Seafood carbonara with penne pasta. At first look, nadisappoint ako kasi isang shrim lang nakita ko sa ibabaw. Lo! Nung hinimay ko na yung pasta sa bottom part, ang dami-daming shrimp and squid! Talk about creaminess and yumminess!
Seafood carbonara on penne pasta

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