Friday, March 30, 2012

It's OFFICIAL: LADY GAGA in Manila 2012!

So, when I was browsing the internet after a day's work at the clinic and how stressed I was, this has got my nerves perked up!

Lady Gaga will be having another concert here in Manila for her "The Born This Way Ball" and golly, I'm sooo excited to bits!

The Born This Way Ball will be Lady Gaga’s first tour since the release of her album Born This Way(Streamline/Konlive/Interscope), which has sold nearly 6 million copies worldwide since its release in May 2011. The album is the follow-up to back-to-back Grammy Award-winning albums 2009’s The Fame Monster, and 2008’s The Fame. Combined, The Fame and The Fame Monster have sold 15 million albums worldwide, while Lady Gaga’s hit singles have combined sales of over 65 million worldwide.

 Gaga was named Forbes’ Most Powerful Woman in the World 2011 and was included in Time’s annual “The 2010 Time 100″ list of the most influential people in the world. With over 2.2 billion combined views of all her videos online, Lady Gaga is one of the biggest living people on Facebook with over 47 million ‘likes’ and is #1 on Twitter with nearly 19 million followers. Lady Gaga is the only artist in the digital era to top the 5 million sales mark with her first two hits.
Tickets for The Born This Way Ball go on-sale in Manila on Monday, April 2nd at 12:00 noon at all SM TICKETS outlets and
Ticket prices are:
Patron standing – 15,000
Lower Box – 11,000
Upper Box – 5,000
General Admission – 2,000
Ticket prices subject to applicable SM TICKETS service charge.
How about that fellow monsters? Are you up for some Mother Monster love? 
See you there!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Moderne Culinaire Academy Grand Launch

Coming from a family with Hotel professions (My mom works in a hotel and my brother currently taking Hotel and Restaurant Management), it is no wonder for a nurse like me to feel left out when they have this regular "HOTEL JARGON" talks. They usually converse about food, service, ambiance, presentation and cooking --- which I admittedly don't have the talent. The only nearest thing (and proud) to say that I've actually cooked is when I made breakfast. Hotdogs, burnt to crisp on the outside, raw and cold in the inside.

I love to eat, and being a foodie here took me to several journeys in search of gastronomical satisfaction. However, it is frustrating on my part that I want to give my family and friends the same satisfaction right at our home with my own cooking. Scary, right?

Luckily for me and for others as well who has the same matter as mine, there is a new culinary school in town ready to transform us from novice to instant chefs in the making molded and honed by the country's finest and professional chefs!
Presenting, the Moderne Culinaire Academy (MCA).
This culinary school was formed by a group of young and dynamic chefs who have excelled in their own individual fields prior to concertualizing the school. Located in its own building at a strategic location in the Fort Bonifacio area in Taguig where it centers the bustling areas in the metro, individuals will love this ultra-chic and modern state-of-the art culinary school!

Fortunately, I have been invited to be part of their grand launch. Seeing the modern architecture from the outside, I could almost feel the inviting sense of a culinary school wanting to transform me into a cooking master chef!

Spearheaded by Chef Dino Guingona, Chef Raymar Reyes and Chef Aileen Digman-Palomares, they share a common belief that the gauge for culinary school's growth can only be found in the quality of graduates they will produce, and how they will fare in the tough food service and food retail market.

After the ribbon cutting and a few words from Chef Dino, we were then proceeded to a room where Chef Billy Anislag is. A master fruit and vegetable carver, he instantly wowed the crowd how from one simple watermelon can turn into a flower using his special carving tools which he designed himself. 
We were then led to another room, and this time its the school kitchen where Chef Kevin is waiting for us. This chef really knows his cheesecakes well. From giving us tips and what-nots, one would really do some lip-smacking tasting his cheesecake creations.

Next stop, Taste Test!
As he we headed upstairs at the Air Strip Function Room, I can almost feel my excitement as I would finally be able to taste what MCA chefs had prepared for us. For starters, we had Seafood Salad with Fish Crackers. A tangy appetizer to kick start our taste buds!

I also got to try their Chicken Eggplant Roulade with Napoletana Sauce which I personally liked because of the sauce and how creative how it was wrapped in an eggplant.

This is an instant fave for me, their Croquettas. The potato and the sauce combined very well and it was just simply awesome. The creaminess and softness of the potato inside matched well how it was crunchy on the outside.

For desserts, we had Chocolate Mousse with Banana and Caramel. The fruit and the creamy mousse complement well with the crunchiness of the chocolate based crust. 

We also had Seasalt Truffles, a very unique dessert for me because this was my first time trying something sweet but with a combination of salty. Two flavors balancing out to create a wonderful taste!

The Facilities
Their state-of-the-art kitchen makes every student feel the vibe of an actual restaurant kitchen. Combined with elegance and functionality, one may feel excited and giddy to prepare their masterpiece dishes together with the school's top chef!

Unlike other culinary schools, a class at MCA will be personalized with an average ratio of nine students per chef instructor. This is to assure them of a more focused and direct approach to their course of study.

MCA will utilize the finest and freshest produce available from the country's Top 100 food purveyors. Everything from individually quick frozen (IQF) high-grade, whole tuna from General Santos, to garden fresh herbs from Laguna, like sage , marjoram, chervil oregano, kaffir oregano, lime leaves et al to rutabaga  and baby rockets from Bukidnon. Exotic ingredients will also be introduce to students to give them a better appreciation of the diversity of food products to work with.

So, fret no more novices like me! Moderne Culinaire Academy is ready and armed to make the transformation to become a wonderful and professional chefs in the making!

MCA is also offering short degree courses! 

For more information about Moderne Culinaire Academy:
Email them at:
LIKE their Facebook page: HERE.
Contact Nos.: 0917-700-COOK(2665), 843-8071, 622-9665

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Wanderlust that is Tria Bascon

Jazz music has always been a favorite of mine whenever I feel like relaxing. The smooth-velvety voice from the singer works like magic, making your mind serene and at peace. During my one-month blog hiatus, I've been listening to this album for a couple of weeks now before I go to the clinic. Work-life is stressful, that's why I pop this music to my player and feel relaxed throughout the day.

And her name is Tria Bascon. A Cebu-born Jazz singer who is now rising from the local music scene. Her wonderful, smooth and powerful voice is complemented by her natural beauty and graceful elegance which captures an audience with her remarkable presence. With such an impeccable style, Tria's performances ensure that a warm, intimate ambiance is always present and enhances both the sound and vision experience to the full.

From Cebu, she moved to Manila and launched what has become a very successful career. Since those days Tria has traveled far and wide for both pleasure and in pursuit of her work.

Her travels have taken her to virtually all continents of the world adding greatly to her experience both as a vocalist and as a person, and now she spends her nonworking leisure time between The US and UK, as well as her native in the Philippines.

It is fair to say that her ideal choice of music is mainstream jazz, but great versatility enables her to equally perform and feel at home with Pop, Blues, Broadway, Country, Dance and standard Ballads with a repertoire that spans seven decades of music.

And that is what I witnessed during her album launch at the Hard Rock Cafe Makati. I just came from work that day and I feel like I want to relax a bit to ease the stress. Her voice and music versatility is just awesome. We were four in the table, eating dinner and mingle the night away with her singing a variety of songs. I even remembered one in our group saying that Tria's jazz singing can be compared to those of the famous ones. Hers would be perfect in hotel events, luxury liners or formal parties. Indeed, a warm, relaxing voice for the good ol' soul

Tria Bascon together with Aquarela
Tria Bascon together with the The CompanY
My signed copy!
Tria launched her first album, a jazz album called 'Wanderlust' in February 2012, a fulfillment of a long held dream. The dream being to make a very professional, quality album featuring classic jazz songs and performed along with renowned international musicians. 

As the choice of title suggests, the tracks selected for the album readily affirms the life that Tria has experienced and enjoys whilst allowing her to sing in several languages appeal to a global audience. 

'Wanderlust' contains an original track "Magkikita pa Rin Naman Tayo", a very melodic and moving song written specially for Tria by the producer of the album, Moy Ortiz of the The CompanY.

Grab a copy of her album now at your local music stores and be mesmerized by this wonderful Jazz singer, Tria Bascon!

Dockers® Real Men of Action Kick-off 2012 Spring/Summer

I find it inspiring and nice to see young men of today wear good clothes.
I am no expert with fashion and everything that comes to it but when a good-looking guy passes your way wearing a set of decent clothes to work or wherever he goes, I'll have an instant crush to him. Nowadays, the ghetto look has been creeping the wits out me. 

Last March 4, 2012, I am fortunate enough to be invited to a men's fashion show. I find it more interesting since it would be a Dockers event and I know from the heart that they make young men really, really good-looking and decent.

Dockers 2012 Spring/Summer collection is an inspired collection, reflecting the resilient, resourceful and hardworking real men of action. It is for and about the men who present unique skills, passions and value to the world.

The Spring/Summer collection offers more variety of choice from the popular Alpha Khakis, the dependable Wearever Series and the staple Signature Khakis.

Dockers Alpha Khaki
Successfully launched last season, Dockers Alpha Khakis are gaining traction among the new generation of khaki users who see the value of a khaki that is built from a dress pant block using denim construction. It is an easy alternative to their favorite denim.
The Spring/Summer look features a refined, simple and comfortable Alpha Khaki that fits any occasion. It will have more color choices, from stately blue to more daring colors like flame and paper white.
Dockers Alpha Khaki still the new generation of khaki for the next generation of men.

Wearever Series, the smart pants
When in search of the smartest pants you can own, the Wearever Series fits the bill. It is pack with performance benefits from stain protection, wrinkle free and permanent crease, providing worry free comfort from sunup to sundown.
It offers classic styling with unmatched comfort -- a simple choice when deciding to meet a client at the boardroom or at the golf course.

Simply a staple Signature Khakis
This season Signature Khakis come in richer twill and has a finer weave. It offers more variety regarding its fit – there is the Classic Fit, Straight Fit and for those who can, a Slim Fit.

Save the day, Everyday
Going through the week, from Monday to Sunday, can indeed be challenging. Tasks need to be completed, situations turn from manageable to stressful, and it requires the real men in us to strive and thrive.
Dockers presents a myriad of ways to ‘get yourself together’ and conquer these challenges with relative ease and cool; be it an optimistic fresh Monday, a relaxed yet still serious Tuesday, an out ofoffice Wednesday, a morning of work and play Thursday, organized planning for next week’s to-do Friday, easy-going recreation Saturday and essential R&R Sunday.
According to Bobet Romualdo, Dockers Commercial Director for Asia, “Men face different kinds of challenges every day and the desire to be effective in accomplishing tasks or getting work done is universal. Men need to be confident and in control with sudden changes of situation, have to have khakis that equip to conquer it.”
He added, “Dockers celebrating the real men of action this season believe that after all, for the men of action Dockers saves the day, every day”.

To celebrate being the real men of action, Dockers is launching ‘Dockers Man of Action Car Raffle Promo’ and get a chance to win a BMW 116i.
A raffle promo that is easy to join – simply purchase one Alpha Khaki and one regular Dockers item, and that entitles Dockers customer to one raffle coupon.
This promotion for the real men of action will run starting this March until May. The raffle draw and the announcement of the winner will take place on a one of a kind event this coming June.

So take that quick step and visit a Dockers store, be amazed with the collection inspired by real men of action -- Dockers 2012 Spring/Summer collection.

About the Dockers® Brand
The Dockers® Brand has embodied the spirit of khaki for more than 25 years. Since their introduction in 1986, Dockers® has been perfecting khakis—and the essential goods to go with them—for men and women all over the world. No compromises in quality. Just versatile, essential style. Day to night. Monday to Sunday. Wearing the pants has never looked so good.

For information on Dockers® and its products, please call +632-889-9301
 or visit

The Wallflower is back -- and more!

Geezas I miss blogging so much! So much that I have lots of backlogs already from previous events I've been with (My sincere apologies to all PR's and fellow bloggers who invited me, hihi.) So, here I am now! Alive and kicking and jump-starting my creative juices to share with all my readers out there! You'll be seeing a rundown of my backlogs after this post.
YES. I DID THIS! -- jk.

First off, why am I on blog hiatus for a month? Blame Meralco.

YES, MERALCO (the local powerhouse of The Philippines). It all started on this one fine day. I was in the middle of blogging something then suddenly, the lights went out! Then came back in a millisecond after! Then I heard a small, creaky noise from behind my desktop monitor, turns out, it malfunctioned on me. Heck I say, it'll work later. BUT IT DIDN'T!!! It was totally busted, like something was short-fused from behind! NKKLK! 

So that was it, the death of me.
Nah. I HAVE MY LAPTOP, MY LIFESAVER! -- or so I thought. Since Le Family and I regularly use the desktop, we sort of ignored the presence of the laptop on our home. I didn't know that the keys were malfunctioning as well. Ack! NKKLK TO THE MAX! 

In that one month of not blogging anything feels hopeless. It was like a surreal infinity of darkness looming inside of me, waiting to eat me alive.Oh hyperbole!

It wasn't purely bad news for that one month. In fact, I have a million reasons to be happy to the nth level!
First off, John Lloyd Cruz kissed me in the cheeks!!! --- that was a joke, really. Hopefully I'll let him plant his lips on mine. HA!

I've been winning numerous online raffles. I've been winning not-online raffles. I met new friends. I met new people to hate with. I have a new job as a clinic nurse. I have a lower salary compared to my previous job before and I don't complain about it (sometimes).  I had fresh, hot pandesal + Nutella for my breakfast. I have new books to read. I still don't have an SLR but I'm saving up for one. I have Chicharon ni Mang Juan on my right side. I made peace and be in good terms with ex-boyf-to-boyf-again and happily in love again. I haven't had a decent summer getaway since the start of March. And THIS:
View the entire post here: Blogger Apprentice Contenders List for 2012
I'm happy and excited for everyone to know that YES! I'm part of Blogger Manila's Blogger Apprentice Contenders for Year 2012! It will be a 2-month blogging challenge specifically for novice bloggers like me to enhance our craft and moreover, to join events and write about it. What I like most about this challenge will be the seminars and workshops because I know I have more to discover and learn more about blogging et al. In fact, our first challenge started last March 17, 2012 at the Grand Launch of Moderne Culinaire Academy at Taguig City (I'll do a separate post about the event.) I'm excited to meet new faces too and be friends with them! I'll keep you posted regularly for my blogging challenge.

Currently I'm in the talks with my web designer friend who will help me out revamp my site. A new look for a new me! Time to take my blogging go to another level and set new heights and discoveries! 

Finally, we have a new LED monitor! Hopefully this won't fail me more =)

All the best!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


On being hiatus for almost a month saddened me =(
so, The Wallflower will be back very soon! 
And I'm planning to do a giveaway as I return and resume my passion for blogging!

All the best!
Jo Arce