Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year-Ender 2011!

OK. So how do I start this one?
Sorry but I just woke up just now and my mind told me to do some writing to perk up my brain. I decided to write  about my life for the year of 2011! Yeehaw! So let's get the ball rolling!

I have to consult my Facebook Timeline to help me out on this.
I still remember that I was still in college, waking up every freaking morning, having breakfast and going to school! Yes, I'm still your average nursing student earlier this year! I am soooooo getting excited because in few months time, I will be graduating and I will be taking up my Nurse Licensure examinations for me to become a full-pledged nurse. Plus, I got to experience becoming a working student with my few last years as a college student. I worked at a call center company and simultaneously go to school at the same time. Talk about being haggard and stressed!
with Batch 103.27! Missin' these guys, bigtime!
Duty days! A day for nursing students at Nat'l Center for Mental Health =)
Oh those were the days! I'm a performer at the workplace! "HELLO BONUS!!!"
Come GRADUATION DAY! Yeehaw! It was the most rewarding moment of my life. All the years I have to endure being a student nurse and surpass all TRIALS and SUFFERINGS? Hellyeah. HELL YEAAAAH!!! Completing my studies is one hell and heaven ride at the same time!
Graduation Day at Manila Hotel with my loving and supportive family!
Grad Photo! Hola short hairrrrr!!!
Since I graduated and completed my studies for Nursing, I'm planning to focus myself solely on reviewing for my upcoming Nurse Licensure Examinations. And that calls for me to quit my work. After 9 months of working and having..... BIG PAY. Wah!! Anyways, I learned and enjoyed a lot with the experience I got from the BPO industry. Not medically-related but I gained lots of friends and mentors who helped me survived those grueling times of my life!

That three-and-a-half months of my two thousand and eleventh.
And most of all? 

Er, pardon. Never mind that photo above. Its just that, well --- review class are soooo boring sometimes that I can't help but to sleep (while listening, ok? Lol) 

Those were the fruitful days of my 2011. I met great friends, together we support each other by sharing our knowledge and... foods, of course. HAHAHA! Everyday we sit beside each other, eat together, laugh together, panic altogether, sing together and sleep --- well, they leave the sleeping thing to me only. HAHAHA!
Together with my reviewmates during Final Coaching! Lezzzdudis!!
And this is us recently, after passing board examinations!! Yehey pig-out!
And here's a snippet of the PRC result out August 19, 2011! With moi, of course! Yeehaw!

I got you now, you gaddamn License! Ang sakit mo sa ulo!!
Of course, my 2011 is not as happy always as it seems. I have my downs too. Those 'downs' in my life took a lot of courage and bubbliness out of me. But I worked hard to be released from it. I told to myself that no one could make myself better than who else? Me! It took a lot of deep breathing and effort for me to realize and to make a big decision that could instantly change my life in a moment. And yes, for 2011 --- I've made the decision. 
Hazy, yes. And bleak too. 
So that's when my life-changing process begins!
Luckily for me, a fellow foodie blogger came across one of my post about a certain restaurant. I had some nasty review about it and she took precautions by going to the said restaurant. She thanked me for that. (Oh well, a blogger's gonna do what a blogger's gonna do.) Through research, I discovered that she's a fellow Marian, an alumna from my high school! Since then, we became friends and she started inviting me to different blogging events! I met a lot of new and cool people who are into the blogging world as well!
Here's my first blogger event at Eton International School!
(photo courtesy of Recycle Bin of a Middle Child)
And us again at ETON Grand Launch at their new Quezon City branch!
So far, I am still a newbie with the blog world. Although I've been blogging for some years now, the latter part of my 2011 gave me a brand new experience by joining events and meeting new people! It is such a rewarding experience indeed! Hoping for more and more wonderful blogging experience for me this year 2012!!

Lastly, I was able to complete Misa de Gallo this year! And this was my first time doing it! Got to thank God for all the wonderful blessings me and my family is receiving, and more to come with 2012!

Stay safe and God Bless!!
Embrace yourself with lots of +++++ this 2012!!

Love lots,

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Thank You, Bookbed

I'm fond of joining online raffles and giveaways. You could say that I'm a big fan of it! On one fine day of December, I joined a book giveaway courtesy of Bookbed. Bookbed is an online book selling /swapping site where the owner posts her books on her Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter that is ready for reselling. I found about their site through my friend, Kristin Zapanta (Young && Stung), where she purchased books from her before.

I'm a reader, a bookworm. And it's a must for me to buy books at the lowest price as possible. Whether brand new or just a bit sloppish, dog-eared or has been infested my termites... as long as it is readable, I'LL BUY IT! I'd rather choose the beauty of the physical book itself than those electronic-engineered books. I long for the smell of the books, the art of your books piling up on your bedside table and the... stain of coffee, chocolate or whatsoever. LOL!

So, the giveaway. Yes --- I JUST WON A BOOK!!! But wait, I'll share a very short story before the winning =)

The day before the winners were announced, my friends and I had a simple gathering at Greenhills. When it's about time to head home, my friend, Camille Salazar (No Malice in Wonderland) and I were just talking about the book giveaway Bookbed is giving. We both joined the contest, and we both agreed that whoever one of us luckily would win a book will share it with each other. Deal is done!

So, the day we both waiting for! Ladies and Gents, check out who won! =)

Imagine our surprise and excitement when we both realize that we won!! Indeed a wonderful Christmas for us! And get this, with all the numerous raffles and giveaways I've joined before, this was my first time winning! So please, just imagine my excitement! *GUFFAW*

Here's my book I got from Bookbed after the delivery =)
Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison
 And here's the one from Camille =)
Messenger by Lois Lowry
THANK YOU VERY MUCH! You have no idea how much you made my Christmas happy! I won for the first time hahaha! See? This shows how silly I am :| Thanks mucho!

Check their Facebook page: HERE
or via Tumblr: HERE
or via Twitter: HERE

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hearts and Arrows Christmas Promo

Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones? Let Hearts & Arrows give you the best and the most memorable present one can have!
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Silly Kitty

A picture is worth a thousand words.
Well. For this one, it gave me a thousand laughs.
Just wanna spread the cheers this season!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Birthday Giveaway: E.L.F. Party Eyeshadow Palette Winner!

This was my very first giveaway I've done since I started blogging. It was a trial at first, and now I know how to operate such blog contest like this. Hopefully I could give out more and more prizes for everyone! 

Thank you everyone for participating! Although only few joined the giveaway, this will be the start of the many contest I'll be doing! Watch out for more =)

And, now for the winner of E.L.F. Party Eyeshadow Palette is:

The winner is drawn via Congratulations to Miss R-hren Guavez for winning the E.L.F. Party Eyeshadow Palette! I'll be contacting you shortly how to claim your prize. Thank you for joining, guys! 'Til next time!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tim Tebow does the Tebowing!

OK. Who is Tim Tebow? And what is that tebowing fuss all about? To give you a clear image of who and what it is, here's a photo of Tim Tebow:

and here is Tim doing the Tebowing:

And, the fans doing the Tebowing:

I am no biggie with American NFL or whatsoever. However, while I was busy doing some drafts, my friend, Karlo Bandong who resides in California, informed me if I knew something about Tim Tebow and Tebowing. I was like "what was that??". Apparently, he said that this Tim Tebow is somewhat popular in the US especially with American football fans. So what do I care right? Here in Pinas, we're more into boxing, basketball billiards... but football? Nah. He told me to Google about him. I was hesitant at first. What it has got to do with me, right? After countless nagging, I opened Google. Typed Tim Tebow and found out about this:

According to
Timothy Richard "TimTebow (born August 14, 1987) is an American football player who is currently the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League (NFL). He was drafted by the Broncos as the 25th overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft and played college football at Florida.
Tebow is known as a dual threat quarterback, adept at both rushing and passing the football. At the conclusion of his college career, he held the Southeastern Conference's all-time records in both career passing efficiency and total rushing touchdowns, appearing second and tenth (respectively) in the NCAA record book in these categories.
With his unorthodox NFL QB skillset, frequent expressions of religion, and ability to help his team win, Tim Tebow has attracted unprecedented praise, criticism, and attention from the sporting media and beyond. In fact, USAToday reports that 'tebowing' has appeared so many times in the global media that it can now be considered an English language word. Commenting on Tebow's play and the attention he has garnered, many football players and observers have said that they "have never seen anything like it."
And this has got me surprised:
 Tebow was born in Makati City in the Philippines, to American parents who were serving as Christian Baptist missionaries at the time. His mother, Pamela Elaine (née Pemberton), is the daughter of a U.S. Army colonel, and his father, Robert Ramsey Tebow II, is a pastor.
YES! He is born in the wonderful land of the Philippines! Wow! This man is something to be proud of! And yes, he was also proud of his birthplace!

According to, Tebow said that "I will always have a special place in my heart for the country where I was born."

And I'm pretty sure that this Tim Tebow will somehow make it big here in Pinas. Pinoy fans, behold and get ready for Tebow and Tebowing! Oh well, this got Makati City something to be proud of again. 

Ganito kami sa Makati! Let's all do the tebowing!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

1709 Clothing

I am a person who appreciate the arts, all kinds of it. For me, there are no ugly art. Each piece is a creative visualization of how a person thinks or reacts the time it was created. The creator sees the beauty and magnificence of it. A masterpiece to each his own.

To create an art, the creator must have a wild and imaginative side. To work his brain and create stimulation to gather up ideas is the most awesome thing a mind can perform. Whether to trick the audience or to present reality will all depend with the artist. Each stroke is a beauty. No one could explain the euphoria of emotions the artist would feel that time.

Chance upon through Facebook, I met an artist who's also into selling his arts through his shirts. When I browsed through their albums and checked the shirts, it was awesome. Every design has a mystery that lies deep within. A masked opinion of the artist.

Driven by his love of arts, music and street culture, Mikhael Goli founded 1709. The clothing brand was supposed to be released last 2008 but the project was pushed through to allow Nikotin gather more ideas until they gave it a shot this 2011. Thus, 1709 was born. The designs are constructed based on Nikotin’s perception.

Nikotin is a female artist from Makati City. According to her, the designs she create represent what people do not give a flying f**k about --- "I create for what I’ve learned and what I perceived from people’s reaction bout things. The designs are not just some random doodles printed on shirts; they are my artworks in which it gives off a short story. I show them awareness of what I think is happening around us. I’m not saying I’m smart or people should believe in me or I know everything. I just want to share my thoughts through my artworks."

I interviewed 1709's Founder, Mikhael Goli together with Nikotin, and asked questions related with their works. 

Why '1709'?
Mikhael Goli: Why seventeen o’ nine? Read it upside down =) It’s my childhood trademark. It has been my unofficial "tag" for as long as I can remember. People who knew me well know what 1709 is. I always knew this tag will have its purpose someday and I’m living that dream right at this moment. 

What was 1709's first design and where did the inspiration came from?
Mikhael Goli: First design was Rob Bit. Nikotin loves black rabbits and we’ve decided to make one for a start.
Nikotin: It’s been beaten up just like a normal person is every day. We all have every day struggles and even though Rob Bit’s badly bruised he shows that he is still fighting coz he knows he could make it every day and every day’s always not the same so like us, he’s hoping that tomorrow’s gonna be a better day.

Who or what influences your designs?
Nikotin: I’m a fan of Kara Walker and everyone else’s “superarthero” Banksy. I’m also Tim Burton’s number one fan. Goli and I collect Tim Burton toys/action figures/every collectible we could find.
As I’ve said on the bio, the designs I create are my own thoughts/feelings on what I saw or what I experienced.

Who wear your brand?
Mikhael Goli: Mostly, people who skate, those who are in the music scene and normal shirt art collectors actually. We got nervous in the beginning coz we never know if the artworks would sell or people would react negatively but thank God it got sold out on our first release. We would like to thank The Triplehorns, Onyx, Green Apple Prod. and Admiral Peppery for the support and promoting us. Because of them we’ve been known in the scene.

Since you've started online selling, do you have plans on having your own shop?
Mikhael Goli: Yes we do. We’re planning/hoping to have one very soon.

If I have this wild imagination in mind, can you interpret it using your drawings and have it customized on your shirts?
Nikotin: Maybe. I suppose yes. Why don’t we give it a try?

1709 never wanted to change things or point out to people what’s wrong and what to do. They want them to enjoy the designs which they themselves gave them ideas to create these artworks. Nobody’s a superhero to make one’s life better. It is through ourselves in which we could make our own life easier.

Check their Facebook page: 1709 Clothing
or thru their Tumblr Page: HERE

For Orders:
Text or call them at 09153398707
Email them at

Monday, December 12, 2011

Masque de Grand: SYKES' Year-End Party 2011

Question: What is the best way to end this year with your hardworking and dedicated employees?
Answer: A PARTY!!!

SYKES Asia, being memorable with their grandest year-end celebrations, they once again staged the most grandest Mardi Gras-inspired party for their Philippine employees! 

Staying true to their commitment of supporting work-life balance, they made sure that every employee of SYKES will truly enjoy the night. The party started with a parade of colorful and festive floats, with dancers and musicians grooving to the beat of samba! 

Even the Vice President for Philippine Operations for SYKES, Mr. Dean Van Ormer grooved with the beat as he danced on top of the grandest float on the parade. He also gave out SYKES shirts while aboard the float to the viewing bystanders.

Hosted by Grace Lee and DJ Tony Toni of Magic 89.9, everybody was having a blast that night, and it was just starting! Thrilling samba beats by Groove Manila and Gruppo Tribale's made the night more festive! And of course, I was surprised with what I've learned --- Urbandub will be playing!! Swear I, and even the SYKESERS, had the most exhilirating time of their life! 


SYKESERS donned their most glamorous and most creative costume that night. Indeed that they are truly a bunch of talented and beautiful people!

The most anticipated thing that night? the raffle draw! Two lucky SYKESERS will each win Php 50,000 --- and another two more luckier SYKESERS will each win a hefty Php100,000!

So why does SYKES go to such great lengths for a year-end celebration? "The year-end is our way of giving thanks to the SYKESERS. We have such a committed and dedicated group of people. They deserve a night of fun and relaxation" --- says VP Dean Van Ormer.

This is how you end the year in style!


SYKES is a global leader in providing customer contact management solutions and services and has more than 50 years of combined experience in the industry. With its more than 51,000 strong employees, it services Fortune 1000 companies around the world.
In the Philippines, SYKES is officially recognized as a pioneer in the industry and is consistently ranked among the top call centers in the country. It has over 14,000 employees deployed to the following sites in Metro Manila and Cebu: One San Miguel Avenue Building in Ortigas Center, the Robinson's Summit Center building and Burgundy Corporate Tower in Makati City, the World Corporate Center building  along Shaw Boulevard, the K-Pointe building in Quezon City, the E-Com building and Riverbanks Annex in Marikina City, and the Synergis IT Center in Cebu.

To know more about SYKES, log on to: