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1709 Clothing

I am a person who appreciate the arts, all kinds of it. For me, there are no ugly art. Each piece is a creative visualization of how a person thinks or reacts the time it was created. The creator sees the beauty and magnificence of it. A masterpiece to each his own.

To create an art, the creator must have a wild and imaginative side. To work his brain and create stimulation to gather up ideas is the most awesome thing a mind can perform. Whether to trick the audience or to present reality will all depend with the artist. Each stroke is a beauty. No one could explain the euphoria of emotions the artist would feel that time.

Chance upon through Facebook, I met an artist who's also into selling his arts through his shirts. When I browsed through their albums and checked the shirts, it was awesome. Every design has a mystery that lies deep within. A masked opinion of the artist.

Driven by his love of arts, music and street culture, Mikhael Goli founded 1709. The clothing brand was supposed to be released last 2008 but the project was pushed through to allow Nikotin gather more ideas until they gave it a shot this 2011. Thus, 1709 was born. The designs are constructed based on Nikotin’s perception.

Nikotin is a female artist from Makati City. According to her, the designs she create represent what people do not give a flying f**k about --- "I create for what I’ve learned and what I perceived from people’s reaction bout things. The designs are not just some random doodles printed on shirts; they are my artworks in which it gives off a short story. I show them awareness of what I think is happening around us. I’m not saying I’m smart or people should believe in me or I know everything. I just want to share my thoughts through my artworks."

I interviewed 1709's Founder, Mikhael Goli together with Nikotin, and asked questions related with their works. 

Why '1709'?
Mikhael Goli: Why seventeen o’ nine? Read it upside down =) It’s my childhood trademark. It has been my unofficial "tag" for as long as I can remember. People who knew me well know what 1709 is. I always knew this tag will have its purpose someday and I’m living that dream right at this moment. 

What was 1709's first design and where did the inspiration came from?
Mikhael Goli: First design was Rob Bit. Nikotin loves black rabbits and we’ve decided to make one for a start.
Nikotin: It’s been beaten up just like a normal person is every day. We all have every day struggles and even though Rob Bit’s badly bruised he shows that he is still fighting coz he knows he could make it every day and every day’s always not the same so like us, he’s hoping that tomorrow’s gonna be a better day.

Who or what influences your designs?
Nikotin: I’m a fan of Kara Walker and everyone else’s “superarthero” Banksy. I’m also Tim Burton’s number one fan. Goli and I collect Tim Burton toys/action figures/every collectible we could find.
As I’ve said on the bio, the designs I create are my own thoughts/feelings on what I saw or what I experienced.

Who wear your brand?
Mikhael Goli: Mostly, people who skate, those who are in the music scene and normal shirt art collectors actually. We got nervous in the beginning coz we never know if the artworks would sell or people would react negatively but thank God it got sold out on our first release. We would like to thank The Triplehorns, Onyx, Green Apple Prod. and Admiral Peppery for the support and promoting us. Because of them we’ve been known in the scene.

Since you've started online selling, do you have plans on having your own shop?
Mikhael Goli: Yes we do. We’re planning/hoping to have one very soon.

If I have this wild imagination in mind, can you interpret it using your drawings and have it customized on your shirts?
Nikotin: Maybe. I suppose yes. Why don’t we give it a try?

1709 never wanted to change things or point out to people what’s wrong and what to do. They want them to enjoy the designs which they themselves gave them ideas to create these artworks. Nobody’s a superhero to make one’s life better. It is through ourselves in which we could make our own life easier.

Check their Facebook page: 1709 Clothing
or thru their Tumblr Page: HERE

For Orders:
Text or call them at 09153398707
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