Sunday, October 14, 2012

JeedJard Chewy Tamarind -- healthy yummy snack!

Nothing beats going through a day without something to chew on, especially when it's healthy and convenient! 

Going on a rough day at work and amassed by piles of paperworks and clinic stuff, I was relieved to receive a box full of awesome yummy treats! I gladly shared it with my workmates and they instantly loved it as well! These yummy chewies are called "JeedJard" -- bite-size chewy tamarind manufactured from fresh sweet tamarind grown in Petchaboon, a province in Thailand famous all over the world for its delicious tamarind.

Traditionally used in cooking and hailed for its healing properties, sweet tamarind, or makahm wahn in Thai, has many nutritional benefits. The edible part of tamarind contains Calcium as well as Vitamins A, B, and C. It also contains Fiber, which helps promote good digestion. Now you can enjoy the flavor and benefits of real tamarind without the hassle of having to crack open shells, picking out which pods are good to eat, and spitting out the seeds–it’s yummy tamarind that’s neater and easier to eat!

 JeedJard Chewy Tamarind candies are available in three flavors: the original JeedJard Tamarind with Plum has the natural sweet and sour taste enhanced with plum powder; the Jeedjard Tamarind with Spicy Plum will tickle the taste buds of spicy food lovers and the JeedJard Tamarind Stick has the taste of natural tamarind that you love, lightly coated with sugar.  

Now everyone can taste the awesome yummy treat Jeedjard has to offer since it will be available in our local stores and market!
Even my cat loves it! :)

Jeedjard Chewy Tamarind is exclusively distributed by Chokdee Marketing International.
For more info, contact +63928-5009822 or email
Visit their Facebook page: HERE.

Friday, October 5, 2012

A CHALLENGE TO CREATE A BETTER ENVIRONMENT: ASI launches Technovation Challenge: Green I.T.!

Manila, Philippines -- Advance Solutions Inc. (ASI) one of the country’s premiere ICT solutions provider and distributor of world-class brands like HP, IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft, Acer and Epson, is launching the first ASI Technovation Challenge: Green I.T.!, following this year’s theme – Building a Better Environment.

With numerous environmental issues facing the country, ASI believes that technology can help solve these issues.  It is tapping the talents of college students to present proposals that will have a measureable and positive environmental impact -- yet simple, creative and viable to develop. Selected environmental project proposals will be progressed to the development of the actual prototype, using an open source device.

“We believe that there is an innovator in the best of us.  And we would like to channel this drive to finding solutions that will help build a better environment”, said Jefferson Plaza, ASI general manager.  

The ASI Technovation Challenge is open to college undergraduate students from the same school representing the colleges of computer science, computer engineering and information technology. Participants may opt to join individually or as a team of five members, and must submit the necessary forms to qualify.  

The challenge comes with a huge reward for the winning team the presents the best proposal and creates a viable prototype.  The grand prize winner will win for themselves and their school, a total of P100,000 cash and I.T. products.  Four consolation prizes for the runners up – P25,000 for each team.

ASI Technovation Challenge will also give out Special Prizes like the “People’s Choice” Award and the “Most Liked” Award – an online vote for the best prototype at Facebook.  

The main challenge comes in two phases.  The first phase requires each team to submit a project proposal following the theme and utilizing the open source kit as part of the prototype design.  Five proposals will be chosen to progress based on the following criteria – environmental impact, creativity and originality, viability and team dynamics.

The second phase requires the finalists to build their prototype using available resources.  ASI will be providing the open source kit, which must be part of the prototype.  

The prototype must comply with the standards indicated in the project proposal.  To win, the team must pass the following criteria – team’s presentation and demonstration, functional prototype, quality and excellence of build and project documentation.

The finalists will be showcasing their prototypes during the 2012 COMDDAP Expo on November 16 to 18 at World Trade Center in Pasay City.

According to Ms. Rowena Sanchez, vice president for Business Development of ASI, “There are no limits to the possible solutions we can get from the bright minds that will join this challenge.  We hope that we can truly tap the boundless imagination and talent of our young participants.”

The ASI Technovation Challenge is supported by COMDDAP (Computer Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers Association of the Philippines).

To get more details and to download forms, visit Facebook at email at Get regular updates by following the ASI Technovation Challenge at Twitter.  

For more information about Advance Solutions Inc., its products and services, please call 524-7710 or visit

About Advance Solutions Inc.
Advance Solutions, Inc. (ASI) is one of the premiere ICT source provider engaged in selling cutting edge and innovative products, services and solutions that enhance the productivity of its clients. A wholly Filipino company founded in 1996 that belongs to the 2,000 corporations in the Philippines.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Asian Ghost House at Manila Ocean Park - Truly a fright night!

I can't say that I am a fan of horror films because one, it scares the wits out of me! I even remember one time when I saw an Asian horror flick which is produced in Thailand has caused me to stay away and develop a fear of being alone in public toilet cubicles. In that movie, they made a scene where a deranged ghost is lurking inside the restroom and whoever dared to get inside shall be haunted and get killed.  That fear of mine lasted for a couple of months -- and remembering about that makes me fearsome again! Huhuhu

When I got invited one random Friday evening from Manila Ocean Park, I went for it since it has become my favorite place to enjoy, be amazed and be a kid again. What I didn't notice from the invite itself is that it would be a their Halloween special wherein they will introduce their latest attraction -- The Asian Ghost House!

I am with my blogger friend, Camille Salazar and we were scared silly with what we are going to experience that night. Hands shaking, knees trembling, palms sweaty.. we were even silent through the whole course of our dinner Manila Ocean Park has provided us! Fast-forwarding the story, we went inside and like, OMG OMG, OMG, OMG!!

Several horrifying creatures has come face to face with us as we walk past through the dark corridors. From a long-tongue ghost roaming around to a ghost wearing a Cheongsam and bloody to a sneaky vampire who totally scared us and made us run. The meat-loving butcher who created a loud thumping using his big butcher knife really made me paranoid and the monster caged in a jail creating noise, making us more mortified and scared! Imaging our priceless frightened faces while we are inside the Asian Ghost House!

Truly it has been a fright night for all of us! From disturbing creatures, sound and light effects and eerie interiors, walking your way out inside the Asian Ghost House has proven to be a difficult and terrifying task one has to consider! Go with your family and friends and experience Halloween like never before!

The Asian Ghost House is ready for their scary tactics beginning October 4, 2012 - all Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays of October 2012. For details, please call 567-7777 or visit