Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Asian Ghost House at Manila Ocean Park - Truly a fright night!

I can't say that I am a fan of horror films because one, it scares the wits out of me! I even remember one time when I saw an Asian horror flick which is produced in Thailand has caused me to stay away and develop a fear of being alone in public toilet cubicles. In that movie, they made a scene where a deranged ghost is lurking inside the restroom and whoever dared to get inside shall be haunted and get killed.  That fear of mine lasted for a couple of months -- and remembering about that makes me fearsome again! Huhuhu

When I got invited one random Friday evening from Manila Ocean Park, I went for it since it has become my favorite place to enjoy, be amazed and be a kid again. What I didn't notice from the invite itself is that it would be a their Halloween special wherein they will introduce their latest attraction -- The Asian Ghost House!

I am with my blogger friend, Camille Salazar and we were scared silly with what we are going to experience that night. Hands shaking, knees trembling, palms sweaty.. we were even silent through the whole course of our dinner Manila Ocean Park has provided us! Fast-forwarding the story, we went inside and like, OMG OMG, OMG, OMG!!

Several horrifying creatures has come face to face with us as we walk past through the dark corridors. From a long-tongue ghost roaming around to a ghost wearing a Cheongsam and bloody to a sneaky vampire who totally scared us and made us run. The meat-loving butcher who created a loud thumping using his big butcher knife really made me paranoid and the monster caged in a jail creating noise, making us more mortified and scared! Imaging our priceless frightened faces while we are inside the Asian Ghost House!

Truly it has been a fright night for all of us! From disturbing creatures, sound and light effects and eerie interiors, walking your way out inside the Asian Ghost House has proven to be a difficult and terrifying task one has to consider! Go with your family and friends and experience Halloween like never before!

The Asian Ghost House is ready for their scary tactics beginning October 4, 2012 - all Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays of October 2012. For details, please call 567-7777 or visit


  1. Waah I wanna try this! looks pretty scary talaga! thanks for posting this, we're going this Friday to try this out


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