Monday, April 22, 2013

Chuck's Deli - of slabwich and Mother Chucker!

Being late is never a good thing, especially when you're missing a lot of good talk with good friends and of courseee, good food!! Running late from a meeting with a client, I hurriedly went to The Fort, BGC at Taguig City to make my way down to Chuck's Deli. Home of the famed Slabwich, I am so excited to try them out!

From the nice interiors to the cleverly named sandwiches, Chuck's Deli is just too awesome not to try them out!

So, like what I said, arriving late has never been good because you'll be missing out a lot of good stuff. My group (who were there on time, of course) had their fair share of stories of cool humble beginnings of Chuck's Deli to the ingredients used to the Buffy Slabwiches challenger stories. When I arrived, I just ordered whatever I found appetizing at the menu and have a quick chat with everybody else.

Eyeing the menu, what piqued my interest is their Faking Duck | Php195 for half slab, Php345 for a whole slab --- a Peking-style inspired slabwich, this is just yumminess to goodness! A right mix of roast pork, lettuces, leeks, crispy noodles and drizzled with hoisin sauce, this just won my heart! I ordered a half slab of this but I was downright full up to last bite. Meat is just tender and the sauce is just right, not overpowering the other ingredients.

Perfect for the summer heat and probably just to quench my thirst, I ordered Rootbeer Float | Php99 -- from their menu, they described it as their A&W rootbeer with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Unfortunately at that time, they ran out of rootbeer so they asked if I want their alternative Sarsi Float. It tasted good, but as a fan of the A&W Rootbeer float, I must say I need to get back to Chuck's Deli and have another try to redeem myself.

Luckily that night, a group from another table wants to take the Slay the Buffy Challenge!  The objective is to finish their Buffalo Chicken Slabwich in just less than 5 minutes! That's a real woah because seeing their slabwiches makes me groan on how big it is! That's just too much for my pit so I'm not taking any challenges like that, LOL!

The Reward?
The buffy for free, a challenge winner t-shirt and your name written at their hall of fame board, and maybe just enough bragging rights to show off your friends how truly a master slayer you are, with the Buffy slabwich, of course.

But bravo to these young men who took the challenge, they may not be able to finish it off under 5 minutes, but for experience and fun they manage to have a happy stomach while devouring a yummy slabwich! Yum!

Lookie at the size of this slabwich! Meet your challenge, Slay the Buffy!
Will you be the next challenger and have your name written here? (Serendra branch)

Another challenge is called the Mother Chucker Challenge | Php295 -- let me do a rundown of the ingredients here: tomato, cucumber, onions, arugula, cheese, bacon, chicken salad, eggs, mustard, mayo and smoked ham. Too much? If not then just take down the challenge! What you'll have is you have the Mother Chucker for free, a  250peso worth of Chuck's Deli gift certificate plus your name will be written on their hall of fame board for bragging tights!

Chuck's Deli is just so awesome to not try them out, really. The fun experience while dining here just won everyone's heart. So take your hungry pit to Chuck's Deli and let their slabwiches and more get you!

Chuck's Deli 
Serendra Piazza
141 C Bonifacio High Street,
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
(02) 576-4210

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Market Cafe: Weekday Buffet Bonanza

Treat your family and friends with a spectacular spread of epicurean delights as Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila’s interactive restaurant, the Market Cafe offers its most exciting buffet price offer until June 30, 2013.

From Monday to Thursday, feast on a wide selection of freshly cooked Western, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Filipino cuisines and enjoy a special price of PHP990 net per person for lunch and P1099 net per person for dinner inclusive of free-flowing soft drinks and local beer.

Featured dishes include an abundant choice of appetizers, hearty salads, premium cuts of lamb and beef, fresh or baked oysters, salmon, oven-baked pizzas, pastas, sushi and sashimi, freshly made tempura and a sinful selection of homemade ice cream and desserts. 

Take advantage availing this offer and satisfy your family and friends cravings with this buffet extravaganza that assures a memorable indulgence.

For more information, please call the Food and Beverage Reservations Centre on +63 2 247 8666 or make your booking online by visiting  Alternatively, e-mail

Monday, April 15, 2013

Doggie's Mexican Chow: affordable and delicioso!

I'm such a huge fan of anything Mexican! When I was younger, my family and I usually go to this small Mexican fastfood along Makati Avenue called Miggy's. Famous for its chimichangas, nachos and tacos, my love for hot and zesty onions and tomatoes all started there! When their Makati branch closed down sometime in early 2000s, nothing lives up to my expectations same as what Miggy's offered.

Fast track to 2013, a blogger friend of mine, Aldous Calubad invited me for a food tasting event at Burgundy Corporate Tower located at Makati City. He told me not to expect something grand or anything since we are visiting a food stand only. I have nothing against that, I'm after with how I'll experience the food afterwards. Truth be told, this food stand deserves their own place!!! =)

Doggie's Mexican Chow! FYI: not for pooches, for human gustation only.

Doggie's Mexican Chow is the brainchild of partners in life, Angel Kho and Fredrik Spangler. Their love for Mexican food has made them venture out into the business world by putting up a food cart.

Why Doggie's?

There's a story behind it. Angel grew up with a love for cute stuffed animals. She had this cute little  stuffed dog eversince. She said that whenever she's too stressed out or something, a little hug to her cute stuffed dog will take it all away! That is why she wants to share the comfort by putting up a good comforting food through Doggie's Mexican Chow!

Angel and Fred wanted an authentic Mexican servings at an affordable price which is kind of difficult to find here in the Philippines. A food cart is a good start for their business plans in the future.


First on our table is their colorful and appetizing Nachos. Oozing with melted cheese, tomatoes and ground beef can't make me stop munching on this!

Another fave of mine are their Potato Wedge Supreme. Fried until golden brown and until it reached its right crispiness, drizzled with yummy melted cheese, tomatoes and ground beef is just perfect!

Their Chicken and Steak Quesadillas are to die for!! This soft shelled tacos is just cheesy up to the last bite! Oooh I really want more of this!!

Yummy and cheesy Soft Tacos with a twist! Inside are your usual lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, ground beef and all. They added mangoes in it for added sweetness. 

Their Crunchy Hard Shell Tacos is just delicious! Infused with a lot of cheese, ground beef, lettuces and sour cream really made me drool!

A Mexican treat will not be complete without a fabulous burrito! Their Burrito (Chicken and Steak) is just perfect for your hungry pit. One big wrap of this surely will go a long way. I had mine in half but I was already full! In the future, they're planning on using yellow rice instead of the white rice for more flavor and more appetizing looking.

Last but not the least! Something sweet would cap the night off. Their lovely Champurrado is just awesome! With added flavors of cinnamon and vanilla makes the traditional more wonderful and savory to taste!

So whenever you're around Makati CBD, do drop by at Burgundy Corporate Tower and have a visit at Doggie's Mexican Chow! Don't worry, Angel and Fred are planning on branching out the soonest so you'll see more of them in the future!

Doggie's Mexican Chow
Burgundy Corporate Tower
Ground Floor Court, Gil Puyat Ave. 
Makati City
Facebook Page: HERE

Sunday, April 7, 2013

There’s Plenty of Fish in the Sea at Sentro 1771

Sentro 1771 presents seafood dishes that will surely find a home to your family’s repertoire of top picks whether you’re aiming to be healthy or simply finding comfort from your all-time favorite seafood choices. Guaranteed low in saturated fat, these dishes are not only irresistible, they’re also good for the heart. 

At Sentro 1771, tasty definitely means healthy too especially if you’re having smoked milkfish spring rolls (P270) which could serve as a filling and satisfying appetizer or entree. A festive combination of smoked milkfish, salted egg, mustard greens, onions and tomato that are rolled like spring rolls, it’s served with slightly tangy vinaigrette for some zing. An explosion of color, texture, and balance of flavors, it’s a lip smacking dish minus the guilt.

Equally-appealing and filled nothing but goodness of the sea, seafood sinigang sa miso (P250) is a classic favorite minus the meat but never lacking with mouthwatering elements such as gindara, milkfish, and shrimps seasoned with miso for more depth and flavor. Good food begets fresh and all-natural ingredients, and that’s the promise of this dish. It’s spirited, chunky, and heartwarming especially that the broth is made from scratch. Plus, it has chockfull of colorful diced veggies from tomatoes, okra, taro corms, daikon, water spinach, and eggpplant stewed in tamarind. And as a charming signature tradition, you get the chance to adjust the level of sourness of the soup by sipping and tasting it before serving.

Fried usually gets a bad rap as something calorie-laden, but not Sentro 1771’s Rated GG or galunggong (grilled mackerel scad, P230 and P445). Yes, fried healthy food does exist at Sentro 1771 as this dish is fried in olive oil, filleted and generously sprinkled with toasted bits of garlic. Executive Chef Vicky Rose Pacheco not only takes pride in creating another certified Sentro 1771 original, the lowly fish was a given a rightful and impressive reputation considering galunggong is a rich source of protein and zinc. 

If your family is in for smart eating, count on Sentro 1771 in satisfying you with something healthy and tasty too.  There’s nothing quite anything else like a brown rice that can make a marvelous pair with these amazing, healthy choices, so it’s a good thing that Sentro 1771 has this in the menu.  So whether you’re a healthy eater or seekers of all-natural whole foods, find these Sentro 1771 dishes indulgent, never leaving behind the taste and joy of eating while bringing a new appreciation for something deliciously low-calorie.

Sentro 1771 in Greenbelt 3 is open from 11am to 11pm (Monday to Sunday) while Serendra is from 7am to 10:00 pm (Sunday to Thursday) / 7am to 11:00pm (Friday to Saturday). For inquiries and reservations, call Sentro Greenbelt 3 (02) 757 3941 or Sentro Serendra (02) 856 0581.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


March 2013, Pasig City – In line with ValuCare’s recent presentation of the company’s milestones and proclamation, “ValuCare is the healthcare you can count on”, is another announcement of partnership with the Department of Agrarian Reform Employment Association (DAREA).

Value Care Health System Inc.passes the criteria set forth by the DAREA as they sealed client-HMO relationship to cover their member’s healthcare needs.

“DAREA Members are now assured that their healthcare requirements will be provided and delivered to them at the time when it is truly needed, said Ms. Rosemarie Yu of ValuCare.

This partnership between DAREA and ValuCare covers In, and Out Patient Services, Preventive Health, Emergency Care, Dental and Financial Assistance, she adds.

Choosing the right HMO is a choice of the one that you can count on when the need arises.  And the various product enhancements that ValuCare offers make it an attractive choice.

ValuCare is established in 1997, has a solid track record in terms of providing affordable and adequate healthcare to its growing plan holders.  Its steady growth over the years has been guided by its vision of providing quality healthcare with compassion.

About Value Care Health Systems Inc.

ValuCare is a Managed Care Company belonging to the Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) industry.  Established by a select group of medical practitioners, ValuCare’s commitment is to provide its members quality healthcare you can count on through a comprehensive out-patient consultation and hospitalization benefits package accessed via its network of health care providers and facilities.  For more information visit its website at or call its 24-hour service hotline at 0917-7-WECARE.

Wine, Dine and Chill at The Wine Bar

Whether alone or hitting the town with your fellow closest gourmands, selecting a bottle of wine to accompany your feast can seem daunting if one feels they lack pairing know-how. Not at The Wine Bar at the 1771 El Pueblo, where the restaurant not only caters to foodies and wine lovers, but also to those who aim to understand the art of wine pairing.

A member of the 1771 Group of Restaurants in El Pueblo Ortigas, The Wine Bar is a gem for those who find comfort in intimate wine and dine experience. Sleek, masculine and inspired from the sophisticated bars of Soho, New York, the venue is built with personalized spaces, comfortable nooks and private rooms that are perfect for intimate get together. With an intriguing Wine Cellar housing over 300 top quality wine choices from all over the world reserved from the enomatic dispenser with theme that varies monthly, take your pick by the glass or decide together with the in-house sommelier Cecille Mauricio. A rare feature of a restaurant outside the hotel, The Wine Bar offers endless wine and food choices coupled with a superior service that anyone can count on.


The charming wine and dine concept of WB 1771 also offers private event spaces which can accommodate up to 120 persons, perfect for intimate social events such as wedding receptions or even JS proms.  For smaller parties that need privacy, The Wine Bar features private areas that can be converted into smaller private room good for 6 to 25 persons. Boasting the same convenience of a hotel function space but in a more relaxed and intimate ambience, explore The Wine Bar function spaces if the goal is to celebrate with ease and elegance. 

With choicest wine selections, gourmet food on the menu that’s matched with the allure of its architecture, it’s simply a venue to celebrate life’s precious moments. Aside from its chart-topping wines, tasty and filling bites such as oyster Rockefeller (P550net),Grilled Angus Striploin (P1400 net) or the Oyster Rockefeller (P550 net) or the signature Wine Burger Bar(P410 net) can just take off the treat, whether you’re visiting for the wines or food.Selecting a wine that matches with what’s on the plate not only can make for interesting variations and interplay, The Wine Bar‘s ambiance offers a chill out  treat that’s conducive for catching up with people who matters most or simply savoring a recharging moment by yourself in a lavish and charming setting.

CafĂ© 1771 is located at 1771 El Pueblo, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City. Operating hours from Monday to Friday  is 6 pm to 11pm. For inquiries, call 631-7340/470-6559/0917-8660442. The Wine Bar  is a member of the 1771 Group of Restaurants that include Chateau 1771 in Greenbelt 5, Sentro 1771 in Greenbelt 3, Sentro 1771 in Serendra, Bonifacio Global City,  & Sidebar in El Pueblo Real de Manila, ADB Avenue cor. Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

No right ramen at Wrong Ramen!

If its wrong to eat good food then I don't ever want to be right!

Tucked in Burgos Circle at BGC is a restaurant that takes pride in being 'wrong'. It has the kind of wrong that makes you wonder, have fun and ultimately makes you smile. It captures tradition and tops it off with its unique brand of cool that makes it wrong but at the same time oh so right! The unconventional reality of Wrong Ramen.

Packed with a lot of diners all with a bewildered look on their faces when scanning the menu or laying their eyes upon their dishes intrigued or suddenly breaking into laughter, I immediately thought that this is an awesome place to dine! Even the name itself was quite intriguing!

An eye-catching stuff that will welcome you upon entering were the unique decors! They have these framed posters with hilarious quotes, different timezone from their wishful branches and they even have a framed YOLO hanging on their wall! An appetizing and laughing treat for the eyes!

Right ramen is made by Japanese cooks. Wrong Ramen is made by idiots who think they're better than Japanese cooks.
Unique salt and pepper shakers makes me want to take these home!

We were met by accommodating smiles and were led to our seats. The servers were polite and quick with our requests and orders. It felt so free and comfortable inside that it makes you feel welcomed.

What makes Wrong Ramen so wrong will start from their menu!

For starters, we opted to have their Bacon Katsu | 260Php -- Crispy bacon strips wrapped with cheese, alfalfa sprouts and drizzled with sweet wasabi sauce. I'm such a sucker for bacon that anything with it makes me drool! This katsu has made it to my favorite list since it has the perfect crunchiness that matched with right sweetness of the sauce.

We ordered as well their Japanese Oyster | 290Php. The oyster inside was still fresh even after frying which makes it great and yummy! Taste better when dipped with their soy ginger sauce.

We asked from one of their waitress what she would recommend for us to try aside from their ramen. She highly regarded us their Crispy Pata Ssam | 980Php -- deep-fried pork knuckles and crispy crackling. Served with lettuce, pineapples, cucumber and ssam sauce. Now that is something you usually don't see at a ramen house! I'm at loss for words when I had a slice of the crispy pata. The skin is just fried perfectly leaving a loud cracking sound after the bite and the tender meat just oozes with juices. Wrap the pata slice with lettuce, pineapple and ssam sauce and oh dear, just delight!

Wondering why their ramen are called wrong? And why do they take pride on that? And why these diners keep coming back for all this wroooooong ramen? Wrong Ramen offers only one variety of ramen and that is tonkatsu. And guys, that is the unhealthiest of all. So why don't you forget your dieting for once and let me show you how happy it is to eat at Wrong Ramen!

First on our list is Sea Men Ramen | 345Php -- I hope you get the joke. Ramen bowl basking with clams, squid, shrimp on a light clam broth topped with vegetables and garlic oil. Freshness of the sea swimming on a hot broth with noodles is just awesome! 

Up next is F.U. Ramen | 425Php -- My favorite of all! Black pepper Spam, strips of bacon, cheese and crispy fried egg on a hot broth drizzled with black pepper. Man, that's a heavyweight ramen for you! Wrong Ramen describes it as their version of breakfast, only in liquid form. Very flavorful and greasy. Yep, breakfast is served.

Another group fave is the Wrong Ramen Rich Tonkotsu | 385Php -- pork bone and chicken broth with sliced chashu. I love the nutty flavor of the broth that complemented very well with the pork slices. A big bowl of this can make you warm all over, specially on a cold, cold night. Lol.

Last but not the least, Wrong Ramen Tantanmen | 395Php -- a bold, nutty sesame broth with a mild spicy kick served with ground pork and sliced chashu. See how milky the broth is? That's what makes it uber yummy and flavorful! Even more satisfying with the ground pork and the ramen noodles. Slurping a bowl of this has never been this sinfully delicious!

Pair your ramen with these Runny Eggs | 55Php and Bacon Strips | 95Php!

After our satisfying ramen overload, something sweet would top the night. Hats off to Poop Of the Gods | 130Php -- a rich belgian chocolate sitting on olive oil with sea salt on top for contrast. It looks awkward to eat this poopy-looking dessert but once tasted, a rich chocolate taste will overwhelm your senses. Awesome poop is just awesome. Oops!

The only thing hotter than our ramen is you. 

The food at Wrong Ramen was an exceptional culinary experience that made me love ramen even more. It took the word 'diversity' out the dictionary, minced it and sprinkled it all over their menu! It just goes to show that when you take all the wrong stuff together and mixed it just right, sometimes it makes something great!

Wrong Ramen
Burgos Circle, Forbes Town Center
29th Street, Bonifacio Global City,
Taguig City, Philippines
Contact No. +63(2)8238249

When In Manila writeup by Jo Arce (
When In Manila photos by JoTan23 (

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


MANILA, THE PHILIPPINES (2 April 2013) – Famous for its superior quality and fresh flavor, The Fireplace introduces Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon with an exquisitely crafted menu by Chef Noel showcasing its fine texture and taste.

Native of the pristine unpolluted waters of Tasmania, this famed Atlantic Salmon makes up only around 1.5% of the world’s salmon production. Enriched with omega-3 and proteins, discover the richness of this Atlantic salmon variety with selections like Roasted Herbs Crusted Salmon with Creamy Spinach , Peppered Salmon Steak with Cognac Pepper Cream Sauce and more.

The perfect sweet conclusion is the luscious Hot Chocolate Soup. A signature dessert at the Fireplace, this rich, velvety and creamy dark chocolate is topped with a scoop of cracked pepper vanilla ice-cream, a unique chocolate creation that has a reputation of its own.

About The Fireplace
The Fireplace is an upscale grill room offering perfectly cooked prime meats and seafood.   A perfect spot for wining and dining, the restaurant charms guests with its elegant brass interiors and open kitchen concept.  In full view is a large wood-fired oven where chefs prepare their culinary masterpieces.  A wine library with a vast collection of European and New World wines is another attraction.  With its relaxing atmosphere and excellent cuisine, The Fireplace provides a dining experience like no other.  For enquiries, please call +63 2 247 8666 or email

About Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila
Hyatt Hotel and Casino Manila is a five-star hotel surrounded by Manila’s culturally-rich and well-preserved historical points of interest. This 33-storey mixed-use complex offers 376 elegantly designed guestrooms and accommodates the largest number of suites in the bay area, including 58 specialty suites and four presidential suites. The hotel features three innovative and authentic restaurants, a pastry shop, an entertainment outlet, four floors of Regency Club accommodation, as well as the most stylish and advanced event spaces in town. Fully-equipped recreational and premier gaming facilities are also on the premises.  The hotel is only a few minutes from the international airport, convention centre, top tourist attractions and the city’s business district. For more information, call +63 2 245 1234 or visit  LIKE us on Facebook -