Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tutuban Center: Where forever starts

Church doors open, all eyes fixed on the bridal procession, waiting for the much anticipated moment where the bride will walk down the aisle to Mendelssohn’s tune or perhaps Canon in D by Pachalbel. The groom’s heart pounds faster and faster, getting more nervous with every beat as the bride inches her way to the altar, but the promise of love takes all anxiety away to where forever starts.

Fit and Form Fashion Boutique
Weddings are one of the most challenging events to prepare for a couple as it involves not only themselves but also their families and friends who are witnesses to their union.  Even the simplest wedding ceremony takes months and some more than a year to prepare everything, from minute things like invitations, giveaways, flowers, arrhae, veil, cord, specially the rings, to the bigger ones like the guest list, the church, reception venue and food, and of course the gowns and suits.

The month of June, often tagged “The Wedding Month,” is here again. It’s the month where you see couples who will exchange marital vows take on everything that needs to be prepared before they engage in marital bliss. Aside from emotional preparedness, the couple should also be ready for their look.

For impressive ideas regarding their wedding outfit, Tutuban Center, the shopping haven for bargain hunters located at the heart of Manila, recently held “The Wedding Anthology: Formal, Wedding and Evening Wear,” a fashion show that featured Tutuban’s tenants specializing in formal wear for both men and women.

Barongs from 2M Bridal Boutique

The show kicked off with an array of suits for men for any formal occasion, followed by the ladies’ sophisticatedly designed evening dresses that left most of the audience in awe. The next set featured the most anticipated wedding attires, with men in dashing form wearing classic barong, while the women looked extremely elegant in their gowns studded with elaborate decorations.

Eugene's Bridal Collection
Choi Villarama
The show was of tremendous benefit for those scouting for the next glossy and trendy look when it comes to formal wear—wedding or not—and the array of remarkable clothes presented during the show made couple’s eyes’ a-glitter with excitement, their hearts a-fluttering as they visualize how they would both look like the moment they are in church in front of the eyes of their families, relatives and friends.
Weddings have always been one of the most anticipated and extraordinary events in anyone’s life, a great moment of celebration for the couple and their loved one.. But more than all the preparations to make a wedding day beautiful and memorable, more than how the wedding should look, what really matters is how the couple would handle the following days of their married life—together, and more importantly, forever.
Here Comes The Gown
Tutuban Center is located along historic C.M. Recto Avenue right at the heart of Manila’s shopping district.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Thursday nights with SPIT Manila at Quantum Cafe

SPIT? To die for.
No, this is not a word for a saliva expectorated from your mouth or something to be thrown up. This SPIT I'm dealing with is a bunch of awesome people ready to give you a laugh you'll never forget! 
I only once heard SPIT Manila once way back from a TV interview of Gabe Mercado and from then on, I never heard anything from it. It piqued my interest before because I saw the actors how funny they are and how they can make a room a laughing hordes of hyenas (forgive me on the word. LOL)

Luckily I was invited for a fantastic Thursday show of the Silly People's Improv Theater (SPIT) and they promise to give me and other guests a great laugh. So after my work at the clinic, I hurried myself and my boyfriend to go at Quantum Cafe in Makati City. Having a stressful week means we deserve a treat, a break from the piles of paperwork we have to handle.

Upon arrival at Quantum Cafe, we were greeted by happy smiling persons and each were taking turns talking to us, introducing themselves and giving us points on what to expect for tonight's show. We were offered to order whatever we want from the menu but unfortunately we had dinner before we got there. But we can't miss their Northern Mix Pizza (Php 150) -- whole wheat thin crust topped with tomato sauce, kesong puti and Ilocos longganisa. Yum! It has this distinct rich taste one would never resist to take a bite!

Happily eating the pizza, the show started!

From witty and entertaining games that involve the audience, the actors from SPIT promises to give each show unique from one to another since they mostly rely how the crowd will react. As much as I would like to give you insights on how they made me a laughing hyena the whole night, I'll leave you hanging from there. It's a MUST for you to definitely witness this awesome cool people actors of SPIT Manila!

and now, SPIT Manila will be celebrating their 10th Year Anniversary and they decided to invite some of their Improv friends to come and perform with them on June 28 to July 1, 2012 at Quantum Cafe, Makati City.Confirmed groups to arrive are the ones from Cebu and Bacolod, Hong Kong, Beijing, Taichung, Xiamen and Los Angeles, USA.

HONG KONG: The People's Liberation Improv or PLI
PLI is Hong Kong's first, longest-lasting, biggest and only regularly performing English-language improv troupe and they are based at the TakeOut Comedy Club HK.

Introducing, the group from People's Liberation Improv:

Chris Colemana composer, trombonist and university professor by day, crimefighting supermodel by night. When distracted from his normal activities, he appears on Hong Kong's Radio 4 where he is currently presenting "What's That Noise? A Listener's Guide to Contemporary Music" Coleman is one of the earliest members of People's Liberation Improv, and has also performed standup comedy at the TakeOut Comedy Club HK.

Kay Ross - an Australian in Hong Kong. She has been acting since she was a teenager, has performed stand-up comedy, and has been a member of People’s Liberation Improv for about four years. With PLI, she has performed in improv festivals in Hong Kong, Beijing and Seoul. She’s also a marketing consultant and a bodyworker/healer – the thread that connects her three passions (marketing, performing and healing) is storytelling. Kay will be attending the “Thriving In Uncertainty” applied improv conference in Melbourne, July 12-13, and has been invited to co-teach a one-day class in applied improv at New Zealand’s national drama school in Wellington. 

Nick Reed - has been performing with People’s Liberation Improv for almost 2 years. He graduated from King’s College London and has been living in Hong Kong for over 6 years, teaching science to students and to whoever else will listen to him in the park. Nick loves public transport (including choo-choo trains), scotch, buildings, and ponies. In his spare time, Nick has been trying to create a new breed of pet by combining scrambled eggs and a unicorn… with science!

Pete Grella - has been performing with People’s Liberation Improv for 3+ years, performing in Hong Kong, Macau, and at the improv festivals in Beijing and Seoul. He is also part of 3 Dudes Improv, a 3-person long form group. Pete is the producer of the Hong Kong International Improv Festival and teaches improv workshops in Hong Kong.

Chris CarmonChristopher Carmon Jr. has a BFA in fine arts from South West Texas State, a MFA in film & television from H.K.B.U., and worked with Griffith University in a masters program for drama education. He has been involved in numerous music, theater, and film productions in Hong Kong and China since 2004 and is the founder of the Drama Academy at Fukien Secondary School.  Notable works include Unlucky Dog (2006) director of award winning short film, music album The Squirrels, Happy News (2007) singer/song writer, What’s Cookin'!!! Commedia dell’ Arte (2008) Actor, and A Streetcar Named Desire, (2009) Actor. He has been performing with People’s Liberation Improv for the last three years.

Catch SPIT Manila and other Improv groups celebrating with them their 10th year anniversary every Thursdays at Quantum Cafe, Makati City.
The cast of SPIT Manila with yours truly! :)

Quantum Cafe
Landline: 519 07 57
Address: 9590 Kamagong cor. Bagtikan Street, Makati City (entrance on Bagtikan Street)

Silly People’s Improv Theater (SPIT)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Reverse the Bad: Join WWF’s Reverse Run!

Step back then move forward.
This statement represents the World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines’ (WWF-Philippines) vision to confront the present state of the environment by studying the mistakes of the past then focusing on building a greener future and keeping the Earth a living planet.

Humanity is currently using 50% more resources than the Earth can provide. We are living as if we have two planets at our disposal. What better way to secure a more sustainable future than to invite tomorrow’s stewards – the youth – to join WWF-Philippines’ conservation efforts?

On July 22, WWF-Philippines will hold the Reverse Run at the SM Mall of Asia to launch the Reverse the Bad Student Program, a year-long membership program developed for high school and college students who want to amplify their commitment to protect the environment.

As suggested by its name, WWF’s Reverse Run will entail race participants to run in reverse as a symbolic way of joining the organization’s mission to stop and eventually reverse the degradation of nature. Participants will backpedal through the course for 200 meters and will then run forward. 

Everyone is invited to join in the Reverse Run. As an added treat, students who register for the run are automatically enlisted as members of the WWF Reverse the Bad Student Program.  

There will be registration fee of PHP 500 for those running the 3-kilometer and 6-kilometer course, and PHP 600 will be asked for those taking the 12-kilometer route.

Reverse the Bad Student Program
Proceeds of the Reverse Run will go to the Reverse the Bad Student Program and WWF’s other programs on environmental sustainability, biodiversity conservation, and climate change adaptation.
 The creation of the student program is in response to growing calls from youngsters who want to take a more direct and proactive role in helping protect the environment. Through this program, WWF wants to create young stewards to help us secure a better future.

“This program creates platforms for concrete action designed specifically for young persons. There is only one way to deal with a problem, and that is, to solve it. Start with simple, every day things.  Stick to it.  Scale up rapidly. Live the solutions.  Participate,” says WWF-Philippines CEO and Vice Chair Jose Ma. Lorenzo Tan.
The Reverse the Bad Student Program aims to empower and educate students on the different ways their choices affect the environment and instill the notion of making sustainable choices for the future.

As a member, students are entitled to regular areas of dialogue, exclusive invites to WWF-Philippines forums and activities, discounts from partners through their WWF Reverse the Bad membership card.
Concludes Reverse the Bad Student Program Head Marie Bretaña: “We encourage all students out there who want to protect the environment, or even those who just want to learn more about conservation to join the Reverse the Bad Student Program by taking part in this July’s Reverse Run.

“This is a wonderful and fun opportunity for you to support WWF-Philippines and take that first step towards becoming a steward of a better future,” adds Bretaña. 

Interested participants can sign up at Chris Sports (SM Mall of Asia, SM Manila, Glorietta 3 branches) and Skechers (Trinoma, Market-Market, Festival Mall Alabang branches).

For more information, participants can email, visit, or view the WWF Reverse the Bad video on YouTube at

Monday, June 18, 2012

American Standard launches new luxury line of bathroom fixtures

American Standard, one of the leading makers of high-quality bathroom fixtures, launches its latest and most luxurious line of products that promises to make any home the envy of the neighborhood.  The latest line of shower heads, lavatories and water closets highlights the company’s commitment to design quality and innovation that it has long been known for.
THE VENTUNO COLLECTION. One of American Standard’s newest luxury line of bathroom fixtures, designed by award-winning designer, Franco Bertoli.
“These new product lines represent American Standard’s uncompromising belief in the growing sophistication of the market.  These products are here because of extensive product research into what the consumers want and what they need.” said Noel Tolosa, American Standard marketing manager. 

As a trendsetter in the design and innovation sector, American Standard has always ensured that its designs remain relevant to the needs of today’s families and to today’s times.

Conceptualizing for today’s modern dwellings
The company launched the Concept Cube, a line of compact but beautiful and stylish bathroom fixtures.  The Concept Cube seamlessly blends the sleek modern lines with innovative technology, using strong and simple lines for a contemporary look.  A signature soft inner rim that lends architectural style beautifully balances this and is ideal for even small bathrooms so common in today’s condominium housing.  The Concept faucet series, on the other hand, complements the modern, compact and sophisticated styling of the water closets and lavatories.  Made of high-quality chrome, these faucets make even small bathrooms chic and stylish.  The faucet allows better water saving because it provides better control for users and being leak free.

Satis Asteo
It is said that the evolution of the water closet is a reflection of how civilized human living has become.  This philosophy is reflected in the Satis Asteo water closet collection, which features amenities like LED dim lighting, soft music, automatic seat open and flushing, twin nozzle bidet, and air purification system that eliminates bad odors and airborne fungi and bacteria.  The Satis Asteo reflects American Standard’s mantra of innovating on products to meet its customers’ changing lifestyles.  


The EuroZen, on the other hand, brings the most innovative and convenient functions to bathroom hygiene in a sleek and compact water closet.  With functions like siphon jet tornado flushing, powerful massage/cleanse function, deodorizer, warm dryer, nozzle with automatic cleaning, anti-bacterial nozzle, seat heater, and lift-off and slow- close seat cover, the EuroZen gives new meaning to luxury, comfort and high-tech to water closets and will make any bathroom a conversation piece.

More vibrant colors mean more fun in the shower
Looking at the company’s new line of shower heads, it is clear that the inspiration came from one thing:  vibrant colors.  The iColor Hand Showers evokes a fantasy world of plastic and bubble.  Through a fascinating and playful concoction of art, science and technology, the iColor Hand Shower is well suited to today’s fun-loving and imaginative homeowner.  The line of products pushes the boundaries of the human imagination—with refreshing results

The Ventuno collection is designed by award-winning Italian designer, Franco Bertoli. It is an absolute choice for cosmopolitan consumers as it reflects the patterns of today’s urban architecture and elements of modern style.  Designed with the sophisticated urbanite in mind, the Ventuno’s rounded, essentialized forms and geometric edges create sensations of pure harmony in every bathroom.

World-Class and award-winning designers
American Standard has always been setting trends in bathroom fixtures, not just in the aspect of technological innovation but in design as well.  This is made possible by a highly creative team whose members are also into other industries such as automotive, fashion, home and furniture, and luxury items, among others.

Some of the world’s most creative and award-winning industrial designers who design for American Standard are David Chipperfield, Ronen Joseph, Achim Pohl and Tomas Fiegl (Artefakt), Mark Sadler, Khumtong Jansuwan and Franco Bertoli, all of whom have earned awards from prestigious award-giving bodies.

The American Standard’s new line of bathroom fixtures is available in major building materials depots nationwide. 

Food Trip Saturdays: Okonomiyaki at Kagura Japanese Restaurant and Bo's Coffee cookies

Going Japanese for this week's Saturday! Kon'nichiwa!

My love for food has grown and each food adventure makes me more excited to try and experience new things! Of course, the adventures of food exploration made possible thanks to Le boyf. Hihi.

Okonomiyaki -- yes. A Japanese word for a certain kind of food. I first heard of it from my superfriends way back when I was still working in a BPO company. I was like "what??" when they mention it to me and said that I should try it as soon as possible. However, I wasn't able to for some reasons I can't remember why. Fast forward to present day, me and Le boyf tried it out and had me smiling like this: ^_____________________^
Good thing that my boyfriend knew how to go to this Japanese Restaurant my friends has been telling me before. Somewhere in the middle of Makati City (beside Makati Cinema Square), there's this Japanese nook where upon entering, you'll feel the Japanese vibe. Okay, again, I forgot to take photos of the area because I was soooo amazed again like a child. Like I was like entering Narnia the minute I entered that secret door. LOL

There were several Japanese restaurants inside the area. Le boyf and I searched for the one that cooks the great okonomiyaki and so we found Kagura Japanese Restaurant.
very Japanese lang ang peg! Lakas maka-Hapon!
Oh Tokyo soul! I am never really a fan of Jap whatever, but this one gave me the feel that I should trade in my Chinese ancestry to Japanese. Kidding.

By the looks of it, the owner must really be die-hard fans of the Hanshin Tigers, a Japanese baseball team. Well, even their tv screen is set to a baseball game of the Hanshin's. Wonder if that's a live game or a recorded one, didn't ask.

Basically, okonomiyaki literally means "what you like" or "what you want". Others term it as Japanese pancake. It is made up of flour, eggs and cabbage. From there, you'll get to choose several ingredients you would want to add to the batter like pork or bacon, squid, kimchi, octopus, squid, cheese etc. That night, we chose octopus on it. I am getting more and more excited to have my first bite of okonomiyaki and when it arrived, that BIG smile was back on my face!
A big plate of this. Imagine my eyes grew big upon serving.
Though it is referred to as pancake does not mean it is sweet. I could maybe resemble it to a pizza more. I could remember I was silent for the first few minutes eating this. But inside of me, there are fireworks, magic, sparks that played on my mouth. I know, crazy right? But it is wonderful to goodness! The batter was great (especially while still hot) and the sauce just made it tastier and creamier. Although the octopus was quite bit difficult to chew, still it's a perfect match for the okonomiyaki.

Definitely we 'll be back and try other okonomiyaki toppings with it! 

We headed to Glorietta to watch the last-full show of a movie. But the movie time we chose is not until 1 hour and a half so we decided to relax a bit to our new favorite coffee place -- Bo's Coffee.
Mocha Froccino Php135 | Fudgy Nut and Chocolate Chunk cookies, Php35 or 45 each?  Soooorry I forgot the price!
I'm really happy that I was invited for a blog event with Bo's Coffee before. I never really tried their coffee until that day and I was an instant fan of their brews. Now we kept coming back. Their Mocha Froccino is a fave of mine. Just perfect while relaxing and easing up. And the cookies are heavenly! 

Little Tokyo Unit 2
2277 Pasong Tamo St, Makati City

G/F Glorietta 5, North Street cor. Courtyard Drive
Ayala Center, Makati City

Friday, June 15, 2012

Silly People’s Improv Theater (SPIT): Manila Improv Fest 2012

Silly People’s Improv Theater (SPIT), the county’s premiere improvisational theater troupe, will be celebrating its tenth anniversary by mounting the MANILA IMPROV FEST 2012: The First Philippine International Improv Festival, from June 28 to July 1 at the College of St. Benilde and at Quantum Cafe. 

Founded by actor Gabe Mercado in June 2002, SPIT differs from the usual stand-up comedy routines as its performances fully involve the audience. SPIT performs scenes, songs and games completely based on audience suggestions, just like in the popular British and American show, “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

Celebrating ten years of bringing their brand of improv theater to Metro Manila, SPIT is mounting the MANILA IMPROV FEST 2012, which will feature performances from improv groups from Cebu, Bacolod, Xiamen, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taichung and Los Angeles alongside SPIT. 

The MANILA IMPROV FEST 2012 will also have workshops conducted by some notable improv practitioners, including Gabe Mercado, Gabby Fernandez of Bacolod’s Kinengkoy Comedy Express and internationally-renowned improv teachers Shaun Landry, Artistic Director of Oui Be Negroes and founder of The West Coast Improv Alliance, and Tom Farnan who has performed with The Second City, Annoyance Theater, IO and Comedy Sportz of Chicago and The Second City in Las Vegas. 

The De La Salle - College of St. Benilde shall be hosting the Master Class Improvisation Workshops for long-time improv practitioners who wish to further hone their craft. 

Performances shall be held at 8pm on June 28 and 29, 7pm on June 30 and 4pm on July 1, at Quantum Café at 9590 Kamagong St. corner Bagtikan St. in Makati City. Tickets for the performances are at 400 pesos.
For more information on the Manila Improv Fest 2012, Follow SPIT on Facebook(,Twitter (,and on their website (

You may also contact Tetel De Leon at 09152952033 for reservations.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Going Back to School is Cool with Brother

Philippines, 14 June 2012 – Brother International (Phils.) presents a back to school promo,offering students everything they need for a successful new school year.  Avail of bundled free items or a discount for every purchase through Brother Authorized Dealers nationwide until June 30, 2012.

Get Free Lenovo Ideapad S10-3S Netbook with OS with every purchase of Brother DCP-9010CN 3-in-1 Network-Ready Color LED Multi-Function Centre or HL-4150CDN Network-Ready Color Laser Printer with Duplex Printing.  Both units available at P24, 990.00. The promo is also applicable to other color laser models.

Luck comes in pairs, grab P2, 000 OFF and bring home a Free Wireless Router when you buy DCP-7065DN 3-in-1 Network Ready Mono Laser Multi-Function Centre; now at 4,950.00.
P2,000 OFF are also available for every DCP-7055 purchase at P7, 950.00.

Gear up for school with a Jansport Backpack, comes Free with the purchase of Brother’s DCP-J25DW, 4-in-1 Wireless Network-Ready Color Inkjet Multi-Function Centre, for only P6, 950.00.

Roadshow Exclusive

Grab the chance to more freebies at Brother’s Back to School Roadshow.  Visit Brother Booth at any of the following venues at these schedules to avail of this limited promotion:  Robinsons Land, Tacloban; LCC Mall, Legazpi and SM Mall of Asia from June 14 to June 20.Gmall, Davao and Limketkai Mall from June 25 to July 1.  SM City Clark from June 27 to July 3.

Other models are also available for purchase in Brother’s Back to School and Roadshow Promos.  For more information, see flyers and posters or contact Brother Helpdesk hotline at (02) 581-9898.  

Like Brother Philippines on Facebook

The iBall Bloggers' Event

When online shopping, you should definitely try out has to offer! From being the preferred online classified ads for Pinoys by Pinoys and awarded the 2011 #1 Classified Ads website by Digital Filipino Search Profile Index, has organized their first Bloggers' event, the Ayos Dito iBall -- a blogger event attended by GMA 7's artist Solenn Heussaff and ABS-CBN 2's upcoming dramatic actor John Medina

The event was hosted by the funny yet naughty DJ Tony Toni of Magic 89.9 and Miss Vanessa at COWO Asia in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

According to Jon Santico, General Manager of 701 Search Inc., the company behind the site, "Ayos Dito iBall is a blogger event that celebrates the fun and unique Filipino lifestyle, that is reflective of how people buy and sell online. Buying and selling online with is FREE, EASY, and HASSLE-FREE. Just how we Pinoys like it.
Moreover, "this event is also to say thank you to the community closest to our hearts. Bloggers who have experienced using the website have shared their hassle-free shopping experience online, and were instrumentalin bringing other users to our site."

Bloggers enjoyed the night with food, games and raffling off awesome prizes!

Bloggers felt giddy and excited as the host announced that they'll be having games like Bring Me and a special game where participants will need to access the website using their phones and tablets and find the deal they have posted online. First blogger who gets to stage with the correct deal will win a prize! Awesome! This is to show how easy browsing one can get using interface. I tried it personally and with a zoom! Results were given to me in just millisecs! were so generous that night that they raffled off prizes like a Samsung Galaxy phone, a Fuji Instax Polaroid Camera, and an Apple iPad2! Too bad I didn't win any, I was hoping with my two-fingers crossed that they will somehow raffle John Medina and I shall claim him! LOL

Truly it has become one great night! Thanks to team for their wonderful and creative idea to put up a blogger event like this! Bloggers had a wonderful time of their night!

ABOUT AYOSDITO.PH is an online classified ads website catering to the Filipino market. is developed for Pinoys by Pinoys from 701 Search, Inc. It is  a joint venture between Singapore Press Holdings Limited and Schibsted ASA.
Singapore Press Holdings Limited (SPH) is Southeast Asia’s leading media organization with a roster of 17 newspaper titles in 4 languages; over 100 magazine titles and numerous websites. SPH is also involved in the fields of broadcasting, outdoor advertising and properties.

Through its subsidiary Schibsted Classified Media (SCM), Schibsted ASA is currently the biggest online classified advertising company in Europe. It has activities in mature markets such as Belgium, France, Spain and Sweden, as well as growth markets like Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Food Trip Saturdays: New Hanjin's Authentic Takoyaki and Zark's Burgers

Food Trip Saturdays will be my new meme for my blog as I will feature here foods I ate with my family and friends!

SATURDAYS: The best day of my week! 
For some reasons, this has become my most-awaited day since this is the last day of work for the week and usually a lot of happenings are planned on Saturdays (most especially, Saturdates with Le boyf. Hihi.) We frequently spend our dates watching movies, going places we've never been before and of course, a lot of eating. 

For this week's Saturday, me and Le boyf went to Cartimar Shopping Place at Pasay City where this place is well-known for pet lovers. Among other things you could find here are bike shops, plant and gardening tools, clothing, and yes, food. Our mission is to buy new kicks for him and we successfully managed to get two shoes at an unbelievable low price. While happily walking with our purchases, we noticed a Japanese mart named New Hanjin (wasn't able to take photos of the store because they didn't allow us.) From your usual finds in a Japanese grocery store, you'll find it there. When we were about to leave, a man was cooking a fresh batch of Takoyakis! Our favorite!
New Hanjin's Takoyaki | Php78
Being fans of the Japanese dumplings takoyaki, we have concluded that these balls are much tastier and yummier compared to other takoyakis we had before. Though we were freaked out with the katsuobushi moving like worms when we opened the styro cover but when we tasted it, definitely it was mouth-watering. There were many bite-size chunks of squids and their batter was real good. Remind me to take another order when I'm back at Cartimar!

We haven't eaten lunch that time so we decided to go someplace where we could eat a heavy one. Our destination: Zark's-Taft. I tried Zark's burgers way back when I was still working in a BPO company with my friends after work and boy, our faces were priceless after the pig-out! One shall never resist to take a bite of their burgers once served in front of you! LOL

Le boyf was pretty much hungry that time so he decided to get the famous 'Jawbreaker' - a towering glory of three juicy patties with bacon, Spam, cheese, tomatoes and the works with large-cut fries on the side with a large glass of iced tea. Hope I was not able to get your mouth water but trust me when you see it personally, you will.
Jawbreaker | Php250. Finish it within 5mins and it's FREE of charge! Cool!

Feeling a heavy eater that day, I tried their Bourbon Burger and man, their sauce was something else! It's bourbon to goodness! (forgive the pun). Consists of mushroom cheeseburger topped with their very own bourbon barbecue sauce with large-cut fries and large glass of iced tea. Oh boy, that meal was surely made to kill my diet plan!
Bourbon Burger | Php130
After our heavy lunch that day, we got super sleepy and got no power to talk anymore. LOL

Zark's Burgers-Taft
2nd Floor Archer's Nook Bldg, Taft
(fronting De La Salle University, and above Yellow Cab)
Facebook Page

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The tease is over: Axe Anarchy’s final list of 100 sexy cops revealed

Perfect 10 bodies, luscious lips and gorgeous faces like Sam Pinto can be yours to play with at the Axe Anarchy Raid. 

Temperatures reach an all-time high on the heels of the reveal of the final 100 sexy “policewomen” enlisted for the Axe Anarchy Raid. This year’s hottest cops-and-robbers game is on June 9 at Eastwood Mall with two million pesos at stake.

Enjoy being handcuffed by sexy celeb cop Sheena Halili
Headlining the sensationally sinful activity are the 30 of the country’s hottest celebs: FHM Sexiest Woman in 2011 Sam Pinto, sultry and statuesque host-actress Megan Young, enchanting vixen Kylie Padilla, ravishing beauty Sarah Lahbati, cyber seductress Ellen Adarna, screen siren Bianca King, foxy YouTube sensation Petra Mahalimuyak and drop-dead gorgeous beauty queen Gwendoline Ruais. Other starlets completing the stunning batch are Sheena Halili, Ryza Cenon, Gwen Zamora, Stef Prescott, Stephanie Henares, Chariz Solomon, Vaness del Moral, Princess Snell, Diva Montelaba, Chloe McCulley, Lou Sison, Bangs Garcia, Iwa Moto, Nina Jose, Regine Angeles, Karen Bordador, Andi Manzano, Jinri Park, Karel Marquez, Jacqueline Yu, Lauren Young and Nadine Samonte.

Get arrested by good girl gone bad Kylie Padilla.

The 100 male participants AKA “the robbers” are indeed lucky as more it girls, covergirls and models round out the remaining 70 cops, ensuring the Axe Anarchy Raid’s rank as the most explosive happening yet in the metro. With a continuous flow of sex symbols¾thanks to sensually stationed wardens and a stimulating performance from the Mocha Girls, who’s to argue?

Experience the new order of insatiable attraction now by checking out or #AxeAnarchyManila on Twitter.

Mabuhay Temple to Host One Day on Earth Screening

One Day on Earth, the first film to include footage from every country on earth all captured in one day, will be shown for free at Mabuhay Temple on 11 June 2012 at 7:30 pm. 

The International Buddhist Progress Society, Manila (IBPS) will host a free public screening of One Day on Earth at the Five Contemplations Hall of the Mabuhay Temple on 11 June 2012 at 7:30 pm. Mabuhay Temple is located at 656 Pablo Ocampo St., Malate, Manila.

One Day on Earth is a full-length documentary feature that holds the distinction of being the first film ever to include footage from every country on earth, all captured on a single day -  10 October 2010. The film provides a unique look into a wide array of human activities and even offers intimate access to rarely seen images from countries such as North Korea, Iran and Kosovo.

The film was able to beautifully capture the interconnectedness of human beings by showing the shared triumphs and challenges of all people on earth. The film's director and founder Kyle Ruddick and co-founder and executive producer Brandon Litman, with the support of the United Nations and a global community of filmmakers, has succeeded in creating a video time capsule of one day on planet earth, making the documentary a great achievement, not only in film making, but also in human cooperation.

IBPS is honored that Mabuhay Temple was selected as one of the few venues to screen One Day on Earth in the Philippines. IBPS is an organization affiliated with the Fo Guang Shan (FGS) Buddhist order based in Taiwan with Mabuhay Temple being its branch temple in Manila. Other FGS branch temples in the Philippines are located in Cebu, Bacolod and Iloilo. Apart from regular Buddhist prayer services, Mabuhay Temple regularly holds other activities such as lectures, open mic events, film screenings, temple tours, study groups and short educational programs.

For more information about the One Day on Earth screening and other activities of Mabuhay Temple, please check out the temple's Facebook page at You can also send an email to or call 559-9540.