Sunday, June 10, 2012

Food Trip Saturdays: New Hanjin's Authentic Takoyaki and Zark's Burgers

Food Trip Saturdays will be my new meme for my blog as I will feature here foods I ate with my family and friends!

SATURDAYS: The best day of my week! 
For some reasons, this has become my most-awaited day since this is the last day of work for the week and usually a lot of happenings are planned on Saturdays (most especially, Saturdates with Le boyf. Hihi.) We frequently spend our dates watching movies, going places we've never been before and of course, a lot of eating. 

For this week's Saturday, me and Le boyf went to Cartimar Shopping Place at Pasay City where this place is well-known for pet lovers. Among other things you could find here are bike shops, plant and gardening tools, clothing, and yes, food. Our mission is to buy new kicks for him and we successfully managed to get two shoes at an unbelievable low price. While happily walking with our purchases, we noticed a Japanese mart named New Hanjin (wasn't able to take photos of the store because they didn't allow us.) From your usual finds in a Japanese grocery store, you'll find it there. When we were about to leave, a man was cooking a fresh batch of Takoyakis! Our favorite!
New Hanjin's Takoyaki | Php78
Being fans of the Japanese dumplings takoyaki, we have concluded that these balls are much tastier and yummier compared to other takoyakis we had before. Though we were freaked out with the katsuobushi moving like worms when we opened the styro cover but when we tasted it, definitely it was mouth-watering. There were many bite-size chunks of squids and their batter was real good. Remind me to take another order when I'm back at Cartimar!

We haven't eaten lunch that time so we decided to go someplace where we could eat a heavy one. Our destination: Zark's-Taft. I tried Zark's burgers way back when I was still working in a BPO company with my friends after work and boy, our faces were priceless after the pig-out! One shall never resist to take a bite of their burgers once served in front of you! LOL

Le boyf was pretty much hungry that time so he decided to get the famous 'Jawbreaker' - a towering glory of three juicy patties with bacon, Spam, cheese, tomatoes and the works with large-cut fries on the side with a large glass of iced tea. Hope I was not able to get your mouth water but trust me when you see it personally, you will.
Jawbreaker | Php250. Finish it within 5mins and it's FREE of charge! Cool!

Feeling a heavy eater that day, I tried their Bourbon Burger and man, their sauce was something else! It's bourbon to goodness! (forgive the pun). Consists of mushroom cheeseburger topped with their very own bourbon barbecue sauce with large-cut fries and large glass of iced tea. Oh boy, that meal was surely made to kill my diet plan!
Bourbon Burger | Php130
After our heavy lunch that day, we got super sleepy and got no power to talk anymore. LOL

Zark's Burgers-Taft
2nd Floor Archer's Nook Bldg, Taft
(fronting De La Salle University, and above Yellow Cab)
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