Sunday, June 3, 2012

Heavy rain + strong winds won't stop us for celebrating!

They say that the finer things in life are achieved at the most unexpected time of our lives. True to that, the happily planned celebration for Le boyfriend's birthday didn't go as planned but we just go with the flow and let our hearts lead us.

It was such a rainy Saturday. The roads were getting flooded as well. Commuting was really rough and difficult. Both of us not feeling well with cough and colds. But no, these didn't stop for pushing through with our BirthDate celebration. We are looking forward to this all week! So come around 5pm, we headed to TriNoma mall at Quezon City.

Famished and tired, we decided to dine out first. I was planning for us to eat at this certain restaurant but this resto were packed with goers! Although we enlisted our names for table reservations, the hunger that we feel couldn't wait any longer! So we decided to search for another and landed at Ristorante Bigoli.

Ristorante Bigoli-Trinoma branch has a warm and welcoming ambiance (forgot to take photo of the resto, blame too much hunger haha). It was brightly-litted with a very welcoming attendant ready to assist with finding you a seat upon your entry.

For starters, I ordered a slice of their Cheese Overload Pizza (Php65). Thin-sliced, cheese overload. I don't know why but it was not that good compare to other cheese pizzas I've tasted before. Nothing grand after the first bite. And what's worst is that it has a stale feeling when biting to it. I wonder if this was prepared fresh or whatever.

Le boyfriend orders the best! He tried their Minestrone soup (Php60) and it was super delicious! Just the right mix of tomato-based soup with pasta, veggies and herbs. This would make me go for Ristorante Bigoli in the future!

For our main course, I ordered Baked Ziti (Php165) along with my pizza. At first, I thought I could eat it fast since I'm super hungry, but we just ate an extra-large fries 30-minutes before we had dinner so that makes our tummy half-full. Urk. Seeing my Baked Ziti makes me want to eat more but my stomach says no-no! Nonetheless, it was yummy! I love how yummy their tomato sauce is. And the breadstick is just soft and freshly-cooked so I took another one of that! Pasta is just al dente with it.

Le boyf ordered another great Round 2! He had Solo Bunch Stromboli (Php190) which is a combination meal of their Italian Chicken, Bacon Stromboli and Spaghetti with a glass of drink. I love the Italian Chicken!  It was deep-fried to goodness with all that sauce and spices. Makes me want to grab that chicken from him! Haha! The spaghetti is just your ordinary Italian pasta with the works but yummy as well. The Bacon Stromboli was another thumbs up. Although the bacon was not noticeable enough, I think they should add more bacon to it. 

Moreover, it was delicious. Hefty servings for the hungry tummy! Although we didn't fully enjoyed our trip there for having semi-full tummies, we would definitely go back and try more of their servings.

After dinner, we watched the last-full show of Snow White and the Huntsman with Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron as lead stars. It was fantastic. Effects were great. A movie with a different twist to it (more happy to know that Princesses just don't end up with the mighty handsome Prince Charming. Forgive me on this haha!)

Lastly, our parting shot for the night! Our rainy but very happy birthday celebration! Simple but very happy. Nothing would compare to the laughter and joy every time we are together :) Happy Birthday, mi loves!

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