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Happy Thursday nights with SPIT Manila at Quantum Cafe

SPIT? To die for.
No, this is not a word for a saliva expectorated from your mouth or something to be thrown up. This SPIT I'm dealing with is a bunch of awesome people ready to give you a laugh you'll never forget! 
I only once heard SPIT Manila once way back from a TV interview of Gabe Mercado and from then on, I never heard anything from it. It piqued my interest before because I saw the actors how funny they are and how they can make a room a laughing hordes of hyenas (forgive me on the word. LOL)

Luckily I was invited for a fantastic Thursday show of the Silly People's Improv Theater (SPIT) and they promise to give me and other guests a great laugh. So after my work at the clinic, I hurried myself and my boyfriend to go at Quantum Cafe in Makati City. Having a stressful week means we deserve a treat, a break from the piles of paperwork we have to handle.

Upon arrival at Quantum Cafe, we were greeted by happy smiling persons and each were taking turns talking to us, introducing themselves and giving us points on what to expect for tonight's show. We were offered to order whatever we want from the menu but unfortunately we had dinner before we got there. But we can't miss their Northern Mix Pizza (Php 150) -- whole wheat thin crust topped with tomato sauce, kesong puti and Ilocos longganisa. Yum! It has this distinct rich taste one would never resist to take a bite!

Happily eating the pizza, the show started!

From witty and entertaining games that involve the audience, the actors from SPIT promises to give each show unique from one to another since they mostly rely how the crowd will react. As much as I would like to give you insights on how they made me a laughing hyena the whole night, I'll leave you hanging from there. It's a MUST for you to definitely witness this awesome cool people actors of SPIT Manila!

and now, SPIT Manila will be celebrating their 10th Year Anniversary and they decided to invite some of their Improv friends to come and perform with them on June 28 to July 1, 2012 at Quantum Cafe, Makati City.Confirmed groups to arrive are the ones from Cebu and Bacolod, Hong Kong, Beijing, Taichung, Xiamen and Los Angeles, USA.

HONG KONG: The People's Liberation Improv or PLI
PLI is Hong Kong's first, longest-lasting, biggest and only regularly performing English-language improv troupe and they are based at the TakeOut Comedy Club HK.

Introducing, the group from People's Liberation Improv:

Chris Colemana composer, trombonist and university professor by day, crimefighting supermodel by night. When distracted from his normal activities, he appears on Hong Kong's Radio 4 where he is currently presenting "What's That Noise? A Listener's Guide to Contemporary Music" Coleman is one of the earliest members of People's Liberation Improv, and has also performed standup comedy at the TakeOut Comedy Club HK.

Kay Ross - an Australian in Hong Kong. She has been acting since she was a teenager, has performed stand-up comedy, and has been a member of People’s Liberation Improv for about four years. With PLI, she has performed in improv festivals in Hong Kong, Beijing and Seoul. She’s also a marketing consultant and a bodyworker/healer – the thread that connects her three passions (marketing, performing and healing) is storytelling. Kay will be attending the “Thriving In Uncertainty” applied improv conference in Melbourne, July 12-13, and has been invited to co-teach a one-day class in applied improv at New Zealand’s national drama school in Wellington. 

Nick Reed - has been performing with People’s Liberation Improv for almost 2 years. He graduated from King’s College London and has been living in Hong Kong for over 6 years, teaching science to students and to whoever else will listen to him in the park. Nick loves public transport (including choo-choo trains), scotch, buildings, and ponies. In his spare time, Nick has been trying to create a new breed of pet by combining scrambled eggs and a unicorn… with science!

Pete Grella - has been performing with People’s Liberation Improv for 3+ years, performing in Hong Kong, Macau, and at the improv festivals in Beijing and Seoul. He is also part of 3 Dudes Improv, a 3-person long form group. Pete is the producer of the Hong Kong International Improv Festival and teaches improv workshops in Hong Kong.

Chris CarmonChristopher Carmon Jr. has a BFA in fine arts from South West Texas State, a MFA in film & television from H.K.B.U., and worked with Griffith University in a masters program for drama education. He has been involved in numerous music, theater, and film productions in Hong Kong and China since 2004 and is the founder of the Drama Academy at Fukien Secondary School.  Notable works include Unlucky Dog (2006) director of award winning short film, music album The Squirrels, Happy News (2007) singer/song writer, What’s Cookin'!!! Commedia dell’ Arte (2008) Actor, and A Streetcar Named Desire, (2009) Actor. He has been performing with People’s Liberation Improv for the last three years.

Catch SPIT Manila and other Improv groups celebrating with them their 10th year anniversary every Thursdays at Quantum Cafe, Makati City.
The cast of SPIT Manila with yours truly! :)

Quantum Cafe
Landline: 519 07 57
Address: 9590 Kamagong cor. Bagtikan Street, Makati City (entrance on Bagtikan Street)

Silly People’s Improv Theater (SPIT)

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