Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Why I LOVE Globe

When cellular phones came busting into Philippine market, I was one of the "lucky" kids in primary school to have one -- the sturdy, heavy, bulky Nokia 5110. My classmates would really love to borrow my phone then because it was such a fascination, something new to the eyes -- and yes, a new toy to play with. During break time, kids would gather around me and watch me play Snake, take turns playing to reach a certain high score until the battery will die. Oh those were the days! However, it's just a plain mobile phone to me back then. And, it does not have any SIM card inserted to it so its just plainly for playing and alarm clock. But when my mom gifted me with a Globe SIM card, things have changed.

My mobile phone has better use since then. I could communicate with my other classmates regarding assignments, projects, research and of course, silly talks about crushes and gossips! Since then, many of my classmates bought mobile phones as well and it has now become a trend.

Of course, loading my phone with credits was such a burden for me before since prepaid credits were pricey. I could remember the silver  Globe prepaid card worth Php300. That shiny, plastic card of credit was such an eye-candy to me before, so I keep on saving my allowance just to have one and to keep my communications going. Great news was that telecom companies decided to have this "tingi" credits! One could simply bought prepaid credits at a lower cost! Yoohoo for that!

Many celebrations, news, family and friend affairs come and go. Thanks to the power of Globe, everyTHING is almost possible. 
This photo is priceless. This is the day I received the GOOD NEWS! Thanks to Globe, my mom was able to congratulate me upon passing my Nurse Licensure Examination last 2011. After that call, numerous friends called me afterwards! :)
Years have passed, I have changed from one phone to another to keep up with the changing times. Many mobile companies have offered various specs and features to match with the current needs of the people, but one thing kept loyal with me for years. Because it have served me the best, I shall give my best loyalty to Globe all the time. To Globe, I love you! =)


  1. I remember I was using Nokia 5110 and my network provider was Globe and drop calls became popular. Wow. Imagine those days, right now Globe offered different promos that made our connection more easy and cheaper.


  2. Ooohh, I suddenly missed my Nokia 5110 through this post! And saving money just to buy the prepaid card worth P30! Haha I'm a loyal Globe user too. Tried different lines before but my heart always goes back to Globe. Could very much relate to this post. :)

  3. Since 2006, globe na din ang network na napili ko kasi doon nauso ang unlimited sms. For 5 days, 50php lang. Kaya talagang walang sawa ang GMs ko noon. Good morning, Good afternoon, Good night ang lagi kong text! Para na akong alarm clock! Hahaha! Anyway, thankful ako sa globe dahil ang dami nilang promo na swak sa ating mga kabataan ngayon. More power sa Globe at sana mas dumami pa ang kanilang subscribers! :)

  4. Actually, I used to be with the other network until I met this girl (well, she was my classmate when I was in college) who was nice and pretty. We used to get in touch with each other using our mobile phones. She was with GLOBE & I was with the other network. It was not practical to be in the said setting so I bought a GLOBE sim pack. Awesome ang experience ko with GLOBE that until now (even if hindi kami, the girl & I, romantically involved with each other ngayon) I'm still using the same GLOBE number. Sa ngayon ay subscriber din ako ng GLOBE Wimax service kasi nga NOTHING BEATS GLOBE!

  5. Globe, globe, globe, globe, globe, globe, globe

  6. I've been a Globe subscriber since I was in 5th grade!

  7. We also have a 5110 back then, nakakaaddict indeed ang maglaro ng snake hehe.. :) kaso sa bilis magimprove ng technology ngayon, 5110 is treated like an ancient artifact na hehe.. Globe din ako and most of my family eversince.. :) Hooray to Globe.. :)


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