Thursday, September 29, 2011


Was about to blog something relevant but....

I forgot it.
Oh well. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Status: In a Relationship and It's Complicated

One fine day.

Friend: Hey Jo
Me: Hey "friend"! Wazzup?
Friend: Nothing. Well, I could really use a help now...sort of.
Me: Sure, How could I help?
Friend:'s about us.
Me: US? Me? You? Us?? What??
Friend: Silly. Us. Me and boyf . . . :-(
Me: Oh. Why? Matagal na din kayo ah.
Friend: Yes.
Me: What's bothering you now?
Friend: Me. I think I'm falling out of love with him.

As the world around us change and it keeps on spinning nonstop, two human beings were forced to attraction.. creating love amongst them. It was Summer of 2008 when I found out that Boy is attracted to Girl. The Girl is a very close friend of mine. She shares her stories how Boy would show his affection and how 'compatible' they what Girl told me. Boy is a classmate of mine way back High School. Somehow I know how Boy's mind would work, how it would think, how it would react.

I am a witness to the blossoming of two young hearts joined together to equally create an emotion that is pure. A feeling that is rightfully called Love. Wonderful, indeed. I told to myself that this relationship would last long since I can see the innocence and the sincerity of these persons that are bound to hold each other's hands for a lifetime. Years passed and I can still see the love that I once witnessed before, still wonderful and pure.

Year: 2011. Present.
One fine day. A conversation was made with Girl, announcing to me that she's fallen out of love with Boy.
I wanted to know why. Being the greatest 'chismosa' of the town, yes, I am dying for answers. But this time, I stayed quiet. I just let her vent out her feelings and rants on why was that. Silence, that's all I could give. I was a witness to their love and suddenly, this. Facebook Chat was not enough for us to hear and listen everything. We decided to see each other in a park. She was there first and from the moment she saw me walking towards her, she ran to me and hugged liked she really needed someone, a companion, a friend.

IMMATURITY is the culprit.
Girl is three-years older than boy. She learned independence at a young age. She was battered with life's circumstances. She faced poverty, hunger, hopelessness at a young age yet she remained strong upon growing up. Her parents instilled to her that whatever life may bring to her, stand up to what you think is right.

However, Boy grew up with all the luxuries he could have. All those wonderful toys, bikes, it, he has it. One ask and he can have it. He had a lot of friends, I don't know which one of them is true. Spoiled he may seem, he grew up with good values and morals. His upbringing made him also the ultimate crush of the girls in his time.

I did not see this coming. Girl told me that whenever they have to deal with an argument, she's the first one to give up and accept the fact that she lost it because Boy ends up acting like a kid. Sometimes, Boy would act insensitively that Girl's feeling would actually hurt in more ways than one. There is no third-party involve, it's only the feelings and emotions are gone. She even added that how many times Boy would actually say 'I love you', it does not do any good for her. She does not feel the same thing anymore. Like saying I love you is like saying a plain hello. She wanted one thing: a break-up. A space to think about things. To see if this is right to go on. 

She talked. I listened.
I didn't dare gave advices. I'd rather listen to her woes and just let her cry. 
Then I told to myself, what if I'm in the same position as hers. What would I do? Will I take the step she's willing to walk on and give up all those wonderful memories? Will I just give up without a fight? Will I just walk along the path unknown? The path may be hazy and blurry, can I see myself with the man I love now with me walking towards that? Am I brave enough to do that?

Thank you for listening -- was all Girl can say.
She made her decision, she decided to part ways with Boy. What's next after that? I don't know.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Writer's block

Ok. So I haven't been blogging these past days. Eh sa walang bagong developments sa buhay ko ngayon eh. In short, stagnant. Tambay. Pahinga muna. Higa muna. Tulog-kain mode. Couch potato.

Ang saya ko sobra nung nakapasa na ako ng Nursing Board Exam. Lumabas yung result this September. It was sweet, indeed. What's next after that? Hindi ko na alam. Wala pa din akong trabaho ngayon. Isa na ako sa mga unemployed nurses of the country. Yep, it's official.

Hangarin ko man mag-apply apply sa mga hospital eh sandamakmak na requirements naman ang hinihingi nila. Kesyo they need nurses to have IVT + BLS with FA and ACLS Trainings chorva. So I decided to... 

wala. walang next step para sa akin :|

Simula nung nakapasa na ako, nawalan na din ako ng Goals to Achieve this Moment. Hindi ko napaghandaan yung next step ko after that. Masyado kong tinutukan yung pagaaral ko para makapasa ng board. Hindi ko naisip na may next step pa pala. Tama nga ang mga senyores, "Life begins at 40" ----- Oops, maling quote! LOL

"Life begins after you passed the exam. It's either you strive hard to land a job or to just wait for nothing."
-- I'm on the LATTER side. Bahala na. Bahala na si God sa akin. Pwede din si Batman.

Nagkaroon din pala ng Testimonial Party ang former college ko. Syempre, I'm not invited by the college since I am not even an alumna. But I received a lot of invites from my batchmates and declined all of them. Lahat sila, iisa ang sinabi: "Ang bitter mo naman!"
Tengene yan. I just declined the invite 'tas bitter na ako? What's wrong with declining anyways?
OK OK OK. So I may have a bitter feeling with that school pero not the WHOLE school pero the college itself. Especially that bitch professor ( I'll be happy if she read this ). Pero people assuming that I'm bitter with the declining? GEEEEZ. Give me a break. I have a life too. I have more time to waste than to ponder how to kill that professor in my mind. I MOVED ON, PLEASE. Kung hindi man manggaling sa akin ang bad karma niya, at least I know na fate will know the right time to move. Trillion times pa ang effect!

Ang dream ko ngayon? Maging Clinical Instructor. Seryoso! Not because I wanted to avenge my bitter past pero eto talaga yung gusto ko ever since I entered the nursing life. What to do next? Hindi ko talaga alam kung paano ako magsisimula ulit :|

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Flower Stories Cafe

This post is dedicated to the 8k+ availers of Metrodeal's voucher with Flower Stories Cafe. 
It seems napaka-spotty ng restaurant na ito since I can't even find a good or reliable search in Google related to this. However, what I found out about the place is that they specialize more in flower arrangements for different occasions and that they just organized a buffet in their veranda or something like that just to accommodate the voucher availers. ( Please correct me if I'm wrong.)

We availed 6 vouchers for my family in celebration of my passing for the Nursing Licensure Examinations. Indeed, it's a glorious moment in my life which I consider to be a life-changing experience. My mom and I decided to celebrate my passing with some of my relatives and loved-ones thus, availing the vouchers with Flower Stories. Before purchasing, I tried Googling for some infos related to it. Unfortunately, nothing has been found, only a flower arrangement store at the exact street address as well. Much to my eagerness to treat my family to a buffet experience at a low-cost, we go for it.

Their offer.
Days before, nagpa-reserve na kami for 6 pax for a September 3, 2011 schedule. All was well upon reservation thru call, the host was friendly naman and answers your queries. Come September 3, we made it. The dinner buffet starts at 7pm until 9pm. However we were late for only 30 minutes at ito ang naabutan namin sa kanilang buffet area:

Rice and carbonara pasta

Sushi: almost gone
Some beef viand (forgot the name) and a veggie viand
Salad area. Want some dressing?
 It was disappointing since my family frequents buffet restaurants. Ang kaunti lamang ng servings nila and controlled pa ang pagkuha mo since may taga-lagay ng food sa plate mo. And kung magre-refill man sila ng food sa buffet area, isa-isang type lang food ang rerefillan and kaunti din ang ilalagay. We were expecting a bit  different from that dahil sa offer ng Metrodeal, they boasted: Flower Stories Cafe is a very well known, spacious, stylish restaurant in the heart of Intramuros. With dark flooring, rustic interior, and a scattering of international influence, it’s a fusion restaurant, mixing the styles of asian and international cuisine. 

They don't also manage their guests well. Though you made a reservation, hindi pa din assurance yun na may certain spot ka na when you get there. Other guests came late (about 30 minutes from our arrival) and was asked to just wait in the patio area, standing. Some decided to walk-away since parang wala na din silang aabutan na food.

My tip for others who are planning to eat here is to go back frequently to their buffet area to satisfy your hunger. I managed not eating breakfast and lunch thinking I will be fulfilled dinnertime but to my dismay, no. I think you need to demand to the host to frequently refill their food. Also, come early, you don't want to ran out of food or worst, a table to eat on.

Flower Stories Cafe
423 Magallanes Street, Intramuros, Manila 
Contact Nos.: 522-3047 or 0917-4868894

Hi guys! Just an update :)
Please visit other bloggers like 
Laugh with God Today and The Food Wanderlust
They visited and tried Flower Stories right after my visit with them. After reading their reviews and basing my judgment with their photos, I could say that there has been a drastic improvement with their food and service. Although I haven't given the resto another chance to try it again and give another review, I believe that they can manage to gain foodistas back their trust. To Flower Stories Cafe, more power!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm a fangirl!

Tinatamad ako ng sobra mag-blog. Kahit tambay forever ako ngayon eh sadyang wala ako sa mood mag-blog. Blame it on the weather. Ang lamig kasi :|

Yesterday was one of my happiest moment in my...yeah, life! Yeehaw!
Super fangirl kasi ako ni Ms. Jenni Epperson with her blog. For me, she's a fab mom who can juggle her work with taking care of her kids and cooking dinner at home. Plus, she has a keen style of fashion. Modern mamita.
She just celebrated her birthday, and as a fangirl, I made a fansign!
Here's the photo:

Pak! Fangirl na fangirl hahaha!
Then I posted it to her Twitter!
Moments after that, she tweeted me back saying:

Oh-ha! Na-touch daw siyaaa :))
Everytime she's replying back to my tweets to her, natutuwa ako. Ako na ang fangirl, ako na talaga! Hahaha!
She's very nice to her fans kasi kaya I like her. She reminds me of Lady Gaga, well, not with the wild style but her being humble and friendly.

After the tweet, she announced her latest post to her website. Of course, I opened it to see how she celebrated her birthday..then, LO! At the end part of her post, my fansign was there!!!

WAAAH!!! She liked it! She liked it!!
So, Ako na talaga ang fangirl! Pak! HAHAHA!

To see the entire post, here's the link: