Thursday, September 22, 2011

Status: In a Relationship and It's Complicated

One fine day.

Friend: Hey Jo
Me: Hey "friend"! Wazzup?
Friend: Nothing. Well, I could really use a help now...sort of.
Me: Sure, How could I help?
Friend:'s about us.
Me: US? Me? You? Us?? What??
Friend: Silly. Us. Me and boyf . . . :-(
Me: Oh. Why? Matagal na din kayo ah.
Friend: Yes.
Me: What's bothering you now?
Friend: Me. I think I'm falling out of love with him.

As the world around us change and it keeps on spinning nonstop, two human beings were forced to attraction.. creating love amongst them. It was Summer of 2008 when I found out that Boy is attracted to Girl. The Girl is a very close friend of mine. She shares her stories how Boy would show his affection and how 'compatible' they what Girl told me. Boy is a classmate of mine way back High School. Somehow I know how Boy's mind would work, how it would think, how it would react.

I am a witness to the blossoming of two young hearts joined together to equally create an emotion that is pure. A feeling that is rightfully called Love. Wonderful, indeed. I told to myself that this relationship would last long since I can see the innocence and the sincerity of these persons that are bound to hold each other's hands for a lifetime. Years passed and I can still see the love that I once witnessed before, still wonderful and pure.

Year: 2011. Present.
One fine day. A conversation was made with Girl, announcing to me that she's fallen out of love with Boy.
I wanted to know why. Being the greatest 'chismosa' of the town, yes, I am dying for answers. But this time, I stayed quiet. I just let her vent out her feelings and rants on why was that. Silence, that's all I could give. I was a witness to their love and suddenly, this. Facebook Chat was not enough for us to hear and listen everything. We decided to see each other in a park. She was there first and from the moment she saw me walking towards her, she ran to me and hugged liked she really needed someone, a companion, a friend.

IMMATURITY is the culprit.
Girl is three-years older than boy. She learned independence at a young age. She was battered with life's circumstances. She faced poverty, hunger, hopelessness at a young age yet she remained strong upon growing up. Her parents instilled to her that whatever life may bring to her, stand up to what you think is right.

However, Boy grew up with all the luxuries he could have. All those wonderful toys, bikes, it, he has it. One ask and he can have it. He had a lot of friends, I don't know which one of them is true. Spoiled he may seem, he grew up with good values and morals. His upbringing made him also the ultimate crush of the girls in his time.

I did not see this coming. Girl told me that whenever they have to deal with an argument, she's the first one to give up and accept the fact that she lost it because Boy ends up acting like a kid. Sometimes, Boy would act insensitively that Girl's feeling would actually hurt in more ways than one. There is no third-party involve, it's only the feelings and emotions are gone. She even added that how many times Boy would actually say 'I love you', it does not do any good for her. She does not feel the same thing anymore. Like saying I love you is like saying a plain hello. She wanted one thing: a break-up. A space to think about things. To see if this is right to go on. 

She talked. I listened.
I didn't dare gave advices. I'd rather listen to her woes and just let her cry. 
Then I told to myself, what if I'm in the same position as hers. What would I do? Will I take the step she's willing to walk on and give up all those wonderful memories? Will I just give up without a fight? Will I just walk along the path unknown? The path may be hazy and blurry, can I see myself with the man I love now with me walking towards that? Am I brave enough to do that?

Thank you for listening -- was all Girl can say.
She made her decision, she decided to part ways with Boy. What's next after that? I don't know.

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  1. This looks familiar.... And it still does not look good anyway you look at it.


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