Friday, February 17, 2012


My blog is on hiatus.

Crappy desktop monitor
crazy laptop

Please bear with me, dear brother/sister bears.

*If you want to donate your old desktop monitor, I would love to have it. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

10 Looks for the Perfect Valentine's Date

Find just the right ensemble for that one special day at Unarosa

Whether you have a romantic dinner with your beau, a hot night out with your girlfriends, or a quiet get-together with your family penciled in on your calendar, there is only one thing that every woman needs on this one special day in February—a Valentine’s Day outfit that is fit for any of your plans. From playful pairings to elegant ensembles, Unarosa has put together 10 of the best looks to keep you looking poised and polished throughout any date.

A vintage-inspired frock or a polka dot ’60s number is perfect for a dinner at a kitschy restaurant, while a red-hot dress will surely turn heads at the hottest clubs in Manila. Dress up a chic jumpsuit with a bright, floppy hat for an effortlessly striking look, while pairing bright-colored shorts with a myriad of tops—from cut-out button-downs, sheer batwing blouses, to oversized knit sweaters—will be best for a more laid-back date. Whatever is on the menu, trust that Unarosa will make it easier for you to make the night even more special with these chic looks.

 Date Night
Go from office meeting to dinner date with these red trousers, zippered top, and gray jacket
Tiered Zip Front Top (also available in gray) Php 1,290
Gray Blazer (also available in black and red) Php 2,750
Red Skinny Jeans (also available in violet, black, blue and gray) Php 1,890

 Love Print
Don a cut-out button-down shirt and a flirty printed skirt for a fresh look
Red Cut Out Button-down Top (also available in gray, violet, yellow, black and blue) Php 1,460
Tribal Printed Skirt (also available in red) Php 1,160

Find Love
Play a little peek-a-boo with a cut-out sheer top and bright-colored shorts
White Sheer Cut-­‐out Top(also available in navy blue)Php1,160
Red Tailored Shorts (also available in beige) Php 965.00

  On the Dot
Don't late for your date—just finish off this polka-dot piece with a red belt
Black And White Polka-dot Dress (also available in black) Php 1,890
Red Slim Braided Belt Php 795

 Vintage Valentine
Let your unique personality shine in floral frock topped with statement earrings
Red Floral Button-down Dress (also available in blue) Php 1,760
Red Studded Belt Php 795

 Hot Date
Be the center of his attention in this red-hot number and feathered neckpiece
Red Pleated Over Lap Dress (also available in black) Php 1,890
Gold Feathered Necklace Php 835

 Black Valentine
The classic silhouette this floral tube top and midi skirt pairing makes can take you anywhere
Black And White Chiffon Tube Top (also available in brown) Php 965
Black Tulip Skirt (also available in violet) Php 1,590
White Braided Belt Php 795

 Short Story
Get ready for a fun night-out by playfully pairing a loose top with tailored shorts
Gray Knitted Top (also available in blue and red) Php 1,590
Red Tailored Shorts (also available in beige) Php 965
Studded Bracelet Php 535

 Secret Love
Get a little mystery going in a deep-colored dress topped with a black cardigan
Red Jersey Dress (also available in gray) Php 795
Black Knitted Cover Up (also available in gray) Php 1,590
Gold Necklace Php 665
Red Braided Belt Php 795

 French Kiss
Dress up a chic jumpsuit with a bright, floppy hat for a Parisian daydream come true
Black Jersey Jumpsuit (also available in violet) Php 1,890
Gold Tribal Necklace Php 535
Red Floppy Hat Php 835

Unarosa is located at 5/L Shangri-La Plaza, 4/L The Block, SM North Edsa, 2/L Annex II, SM Fairview, 2/L Bldg. A, SM Megamall, G/F Shoppesville, Greenhills, and L1 Marquee Mall, Pampanga.

For more information on Unarosa, log on to For more updates, like Unarosa on Facebook, or follow Unarosa on Twitter,

Thursday, February 9, 2012

UST's Mediartrix adaptation of Miss Saigon: The Musicale

I am a frustrated theater actress.
Way back primary days, our school requires us to join any school recognized organizations as part of our extra-curricular activities. They believed that with such, a student will be able to explore more of their self and be able to contribute their talents wisely. I, myself is an active student -- especially with the theater club.

I remember then that I was joining organizations that caters to my interests annually. From English Club, Book Lover's Club, and the Drama Guild. I usually interchange my membership with only these three organizations, believing that they can help me hone my interest with the magic of the stage. YES, I am very much fascinated with the magic and the power the stage could give. I look forward for every activity that will take place in our school's big auditorium. I am excited too with performing as a lead actress for a play --- because my crush will get to see me perform and hopefully I won't make a mess. Ack! I remember once, we had this major production entitled "Les Miserables". I have high hopes for this actually, I was even confident to gain the lead role as Cosette, and even practiced her lines fervently. Come audition day, to my excitement I gained a spot for the play but not as Cosette but as a --- prostitute, with minimal exposure on the stage. Geezas.

Come college, I promised myself that I will be the best theater person I could be. With all the knowledge and stuff that I know, college theater will make me more exposed to the magical wonders of the stage. I joined the university-wide theater organization and proud of it. Joining wasn't easy, their audition process to become a member was very hard and it was emotionally and physically straining. I even reached a point that I wanted to quit in the middle of the process but suddenly remembered that what I will be gaining afterwards will be worth it. In the end, I became an official member of the university theater. Since then, I've been part of numerous plays, be it in the front or the back. However, I have to turn down theater opportunities because I'm taking up Nursing in college which requires me to focus more on my studies. Oh well, I bid farewell for my theater dreams.

When my good friend, Franzly Racoma invited me to watch with her for a major production, without a doubt I agreed. I totally missed theater plays. 

The only thing I know about Miss Saigon is Lea Salonga, the renowned Filipina theater actress who originated the role of Kim in Miss Saigon. She received numerous awards from Tony's, Olivier's, Drama Desk's and more. But the storyline? Believe me, I tried.

Miss Saigon is a tragic story of an Asian woman who fell in love with her American lover; a GI based in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Read the synopsis: HERE.

I fell in love with the story. The actors who played Kim and Chris even made me giddy and sad as the story goes. There were actual parts that made me teary-eyed, some really made me scared (especially the one who played Thuy. Indeed, the eye makeup and brows are effective. Lol)
*UPDATE: The guy who played Thuy was Dennis Buckly =)

The girl who played Kim (I'm sorry I forgot to get her name) really impressed me with her acting and singing. She has the peg of a Lea Salonga! Was having goosebumps when she sang "I still believe" and made me sad and teary-eyed for that part. This girl really rocked the production!
*UPDATE: The actress who played Kim is Eunice Margaret de Castro =)

The actors really portrayed their characters well. Although mishaps cannot really be avoided, overall I give them my 4 out of 5 stars. College plays are still the best! I support all of you!

This is my second time seeing a major production from Mediartrix and still, they never fail to impress me. This organization is really something else. Franzly told me that there will be another production later this year and I'm looking forward to that. 

How I wish I studied at UST and be a part of Mediartrix. Lol =) 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

FILA #whattheheckisthat Campaign Launch

One of my wildest dream ever since middle school is to go Manila Polo Club, without the hassle of having a membership. I know, impossible right? Before you even enter the gates of that private and exclusive club, you must present your proof that you are a part of the elite society. Oh yeah, what the heck.

So when I received an invite for an event with the venue: "Manila Polo Club" --- please, imagine my excitement and giddiness. Silly girl in the process. 

Annually, the Manila Polo Club hold its Fila Polo Cup since 2003 and has been one of the brightest highlights of the local sports calendar, not just for the action but also for the glitz and glamour. This year, another feature will steal attention from the field. FILA will be launching a head-scratching campaign at the event where fans of the Revolutionary SKELE-TOES four-toed shoes could stand to win a starring role in a travel and lifestyle documentary!

The campaign? #WhatTheHeckIsThat
You must look for the most amazingly strange, weird, odd, unbelieveable and what-the-heck-is-that reaction inducing photo, post it to the FILA Philippines Facebook page and the Facebook Community votes for a winner! The top #whattheheckisthat submitter gets to star in an exciting travel and lifestyle documentary wearing his or her favorite Skele-toes! 

The 2012 Fila Polo Cup shares the fun with advocacy. For every pair of Fila Skele-toes purchased at the event, Php500 will go to the 500 families affected by typhoon Sendong. The advocacy project is called "500 For 500" by Operation Compassion.

L-R: Tessa Prieto-Valdes, Abs Abdelkader, Borgy Manotoc, FILA CEO Cris Albert and Georgina Wilson

2012 Fila Polo Cup winner

For more information about Fila:
Official Site: HERE
Facebook Page: HERE

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Summer Fun Continues at Kids Paradise Happy Hour

Entertainment for kids has been brought to a whole new level by Kid’s Paradise at Seri Fantasy World as it bridges enjoyment and learning through Kids Paradise Happy Hour every weekend. Launched last May 7, Kids Paradise Happy Hour is a fusion of games and activities, arts and crafts, and playing every Saturdays and Sundays at 11am-12nn, 2pm-3pm, and 5pm-6pm. From winning games to creating origami and building puzzles to making new friends while playing, Kids Paradise Happy Hour is the perfect weekend plan for your kids.

Turn your kids’ summer into something extraordinary and treat them to learning new things the creative and fun way at only Php250 pesos joining fee per kid per session at Seriland Fantasy World located at the 2nd Level South Wing Manila Ocean Park.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

HELP: What to get?

As a blogger, it is essential to have the basic essentials. You can never be a pro on what you are doing if you are not equipped with the basics.

So what does every blogger need?
  • The blogger itself
  • Money 
  • Pen and paper
  • Creative wittiness
Yes. Camera.
I have a camera but I think that sooner or later it will give up on me. I love my Olympus T-100 digital camera since me and my family got this on our hands. It served its purpose very obediently. However, I think that with its long year of purpose, it will give up soon because the quality of the image created is not that good anymore. So, I'm planning to give my camera a good rest. I researched and reviewed some awesome cameras that I'm dying to have my hands on it! To sum up my list, I chose these two cameras for me to save up in the future!


I love those flip screens! I read some reviews and some said that this is best for video recording, perfect since I want to start vlogging soon too! Full review: HERE

and CANON 1100D

Full review: HERE

Readers, any suggestions for the best entry DLSR with a tight budget? Lol

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

One Day in the City: Pasay (An Exhibit)

My second itinerary trip to the museum 2012: Metropolitan Museum of Manila.
I received an invitation via email from The MET for a photo exhibit from the students of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde AB Photography program. Yay for me and my friend, Camille (No Malice In Wonderland)! My museum list goes well! 

We made it during the exhibit opening last January 26 and luckily saw the student photographers behind the awesome pictures. Every photo has a story, and every photographer has a duty to share their experience through that story by capturing it. People looking at it may have different observations and stories to tell, still, photos are beyond words and beyond explanations. 

"One Day in the City: Pasay” is a photographic exhibit focusing on Pasay City. The show depicts facets of the urban fabric and the experience of city dwellers as seen thru the eyes of student photographers from the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde AB Photography program. The photography project is a way of showing how life is in one part of a 21st century Asian megalopolis like Metro Manila, and will provide a counterpoint and a response to the Spanish photography show “Photo By Photo: A Portrait of Spain” recently exhibited at the Met.  The exhibit also features works of Spanish photographer Txema Salvans during his recent Manila visit. 

“One Day in the City: Pasay” runs up to March 31, 2012 at the Tall Galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Manila. The show is organized by the Metropolitan Museum of Manila, De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde School of Design and Arts, The City Government of Pasay, Canon Marketing Philippines Inc. and the Spanish Embassy- Manila.

Renaissance Woman Press Launch

UNO Magazine, together with Naomi Jewelry will be holding an event dubbed as "Renaissance Woman by Naomi" on February 3, 2012 at the Genting Club, Resorts World Manila for the benefit of World Vision. 
L-R: Precious Lara Quigaman, Tippy dos Santos, COO and Head Designer for Naomi Mr. Joel Paguio and Joy Pagurayan during Renaissance Woman Press Launch

Joel Paguio, COO and Head Designer of Naomi Jewelry has decided to create a limited edition piece for World Vision to be launched for the special fashion show featuring Naomi Endorser Ms. Precious Lara Quigaman. Also with UNO Cover girls Aubrey Miles, Kat Alano and Michelle Quizon and World Vision Ambassador Miriam Quiambao.

A special one-of-a-kind pendant will be unveiled and auctioned off to the guests. The pendant exudes an illustrious profile with the blending of 100 pieces multicolored Sapphires with a total carat wright of 27.84 and a 1.7 carats chekekered board Citrine at the center. The star design is attached to an ancient shell bangle with hand-hammered gold sheets intertwined around it.

"RENAISSANCE WOMAN by Naomi" is supported by Resorts World Manila, Naomi, NX Couture, World Vision, Chivas, Campoverde Country Estate, Victoria Court, Gold's Gym and Great Cut Salon.

Together with The World Vision group
Come and see one of the most highlighted jewelry of the year!

Attire: FORMAL
Naomi Jewelry - Mr. Erwin Viado: 636-0446/09178519043
UNO Magazine - Ms. Tina Altejos: 09178723005
World Vision - Ms. Gerel Schwartz:09167825695