Thursday, September 1, 2011

I'm a fangirl!

Tinatamad ako ng sobra mag-blog. Kahit tambay forever ako ngayon eh sadyang wala ako sa mood mag-blog. Blame it on the weather. Ang lamig kasi :|

Yesterday was one of my happiest moment in my...yeah, life! Yeehaw!
Super fangirl kasi ako ni Ms. Jenni Epperson with her blog. For me, she's a fab mom who can juggle her work with taking care of her kids and cooking dinner at home. Plus, she has a keen style of fashion. Modern mamita.
She just celebrated her birthday, and as a fangirl, I made a fansign!
Here's the photo:

Pak! Fangirl na fangirl hahaha!
Then I posted it to her Twitter!
Moments after that, she tweeted me back saying:

Oh-ha! Na-touch daw siyaaa :))
Everytime she's replying back to my tweets to her, natutuwa ako. Ako na ang fangirl, ako na talaga! Hahaha!
She's very nice to her fans kasi kaya I like her. She reminds me of Lady Gaga, well, not with the wild style but her being humble and friendly.

After the tweet, she announced her latest post to her website. Of course, I opened it to see how she celebrated her birthday..then, LO! At the end part of her post, my fansign was there!!!

WAAAH!!! She liked it! She liked it!!
So, Ako na talaga ang fangirl! Pak! HAHAHA!

To see the entire post, here's the link:

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