Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year-Ender 2011!

OK. So how do I start this one?
Sorry but I just woke up just now and my mind told me to do some writing to perk up my brain. I decided to write  about my life for the year of 2011! Yeehaw! So let's get the ball rolling!

I have to consult my Facebook Timeline to help me out on this.
I still remember that I was still in college, waking up every freaking morning, having breakfast and going to school! Yes, I'm still your average nursing student earlier this year! I am soooooo getting excited because in few months time, I will be graduating and I will be taking up my Nurse Licensure examinations for me to become a full-pledged nurse. Plus, I got to experience becoming a working student with my few last years as a college student. I worked at a call center company and simultaneously go to school at the same time. Talk about being haggard and stressed!
with Batch 103.27! Missin' these guys, bigtime!
Duty days! A day for nursing students at Nat'l Center for Mental Health =)
Oh those were the days! I'm a performer at the workplace! "HELLO BONUS!!!"
Come GRADUATION DAY! Yeehaw! It was the most rewarding moment of my life. All the years I have to endure being a student nurse and surpass all TRIALS and SUFFERINGS? Hellyeah. HELL YEAAAAH!!! Completing my studies is one hell and heaven ride at the same time!
Graduation Day at Manila Hotel with my loving and supportive family!
Grad Photo! Hola short hairrrrr!!!
Since I graduated and completed my studies for Nursing, I'm planning to focus myself solely on reviewing for my upcoming Nurse Licensure Examinations. And that calls for me to quit my work. After 9 months of working and having..... BIG PAY. Wah!! Anyways, I learned and enjoyed a lot with the experience I got from the BPO industry. Not medically-related but I gained lots of friends and mentors who helped me survived those grueling times of my life!

That three-and-a-half months of my two thousand and eleventh.
And most of all? 

Er, pardon. Never mind that photo above. Its just that, well --- review class are soooo boring sometimes that I can't help but to sleep (while listening, ok? Lol) 

Those were the fruitful days of my 2011. I met great friends, together we support each other by sharing our knowledge and... foods, of course. HAHAHA! Everyday we sit beside each other, eat together, laugh together, panic altogether, sing together and sleep --- well, they leave the sleeping thing to me only. HAHAHA!
Together with my reviewmates during Final Coaching! Lezzzdudis!!
And this is us recently, after passing board examinations!! Yehey pig-out!
And here's a snippet of the PRC result out August 19, 2011! With moi, of course! Yeehaw!

I got you now, you gaddamn License! Ang sakit mo sa ulo!!
Of course, my 2011 is not as happy always as it seems. I have my downs too. Those 'downs' in my life took a lot of courage and bubbliness out of me. But I worked hard to be released from it. I told to myself that no one could make myself better than who else? Me! It took a lot of deep breathing and effort for me to realize and to make a big decision that could instantly change my life in a moment. And yes, for 2011 --- I've made the decision. 
Hazy, yes. And bleak too. 
So that's when my life-changing process begins!
Luckily for me, a fellow foodie blogger came across one of my post about a certain restaurant. I had some nasty review about it and she took precautions by going to the said restaurant. She thanked me for that. (Oh well, a blogger's gonna do what a blogger's gonna do.) Through research, I discovered that she's a fellow Marian, an alumna from my high school! Since then, we became friends and she started inviting me to different blogging events! I met a lot of new and cool people who are into the blogging world as well!
Here's my first blogger event at Eton International School!
(photo courtesy of Recycle Bin of a Middle Child)
And us again at ETON Grand Launch at their new Quezon City branch!
So far, I am still a newbie with the blog world. Although I've been blogging for some years now, the latter part of my 2011 gave me a brand new experience by joining events and meeting new people! It is such a rewarding experience indeed! Hoping for more and more wonderful blogging experience for me this year 2012!!

Lastly, I was able to complete Misa de Gallo this year! And this was my first time doing it! Got to thank God for all the wonderful blessings me and my family is receiving, and more to come with 2012!

Stay safe and God Bless!!
Embrace yourself with lots of +++++ this 2012!!

Love lots,


  1. Wow, congrats girl! Sounds like it was an amazing year for you! I hope you have an even better 2012! Love some of these photos you posted :)

    Love & Cake,

  2. @Amber: Thank You so much! Indeed 2011 is a great year for me. Hoping for our best for 2012! :)


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