Sunday, October 9, 2011

Rollercoaster weeks

Last week (and the week before that) was tremendous for me and my family. It was a roller coaster ride, I must say.

September 25: Family Day at Pan Pacific Hotel Manila
Happy day with the family! Pan Pacific Hotel celebrated its Family Day for their distinguished and hardworking employees together with their families. A day filled with fun, food, games and laughter. I got the chance to meet my mom's fellow workmates. We decided also to have our own tiangge-booth selling kid stuff. However, we weren't able to sell much since we frequently leave our booth because we were too busy playing games and of course, eating :D

September 26: I AM SO SICK.
Day after the Family Day, I became so sick. I even had convulsions that night. We don't have a home thermometer that time since we use a mercurial one (which is already banned here in the Philippines) and ditched it before, haven't bought a digital yet so I wasn't able to monitor my temperature. I told my mom not to go to the hospital believing the fever will go away tomorrow, only it persisted afterwards. I'm afraid that it might be dengue-related but to my luck, nope. I am still alive today. LOL

September 29: Death of my Lola Gelay +
A shocking news circulated our family that night. Our Lola Miguela Arceo-Santiago has passed away. She suffered long enough and battled her disease with Diabetes. This time, she gave up her sword and accept that she lost  her battle. But I believe she's a winner for she is now in the Hands of the Lord. Dear Lola Gelay, 'di man tayo naging close, mahal na mahal po namin kayo :) Pabati din po kay Lolo from up above!

During burial, I got to meet my "stranger-relatives". From far-away provinces to different countries, they went home to Manila and paid visit to our Lola Gelay. It became an instant family reunion for all of us. 

Remember my September 14 blogpost about me being a bum? HERE
Well, a reader of my blog pitied me so much with the current state I'm in, he decided to sponsor me by sending out $50 via Western Union! I didn't ask for this but this wonderful person insisted :D The money he sent was for me to begin my nursing life by enrolling myself in trainings and seminars. Dear wonderful friend, don't worry about the money being put to waste. It's all good in my wallet...I mean, it will be used in a good manner to fix myself! LOL Thanks so mucho!


October 6: No Other Woman + Bon Chon with mommy and tita 
The usual routine. I am the chaperon of the day for my mommy and Tita Tess. Days before, my mom insisted that we should watch "No Other Woman". For Pete's sake, I lost every argument why I shouldn't watch it with her! It would be too corny since I can't let her see my rude reactions whenever there are cruel one-liners (which for me, are the best!) and also make her see me cry. Night ruined. To top it off, my tita was also there! Oh well papel sagong malagkit, to watch or not to watch, I-HAVE-NO-OTHER-CHOICE. 
 We had dinner at our fave chicken resto, Bon Chon! Yummy chicken!



  1. you're so lucky to have a true friend you can lean on in times of struggles. condolence sis.


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