Saturday, January 21, 2012

Field Trip at The National Museum

When I was still a small kid (as if I've grown taller), I have always been fascinated and amazed with the rich culture the Philippines have. That explains the reason why I am in love with our history subject and Jose Rizal, the Philippines' National Hero. Rizal (Wiki: Rizal) is one awesome man and I'm deliriously in love with him since Elementary days. Given the chance to go back to the era where he is still alive, I will marry Rizal and change history, together. LOL

One day during my usual blog-hopping day, I came across a friend's blog where he discussed his fascination with museums. The spark of interest came back to me since then and I was too eager to plan my itinerary with museums, starting here at Manila.

Last Tuesday when me and my good friend, Camille (No Malice in Wonderland) had been to our usual job-hunting trip (BOOHOO for us Nurses! It's hard to find a job!), she decided to spend our day at her parent's workplace. Then suddenly I remembered, her parents are working at The National Museum! Hubba hubba! Of course, I agreed going! Hahaha!

You usually see the insides of the museum in your school textbooks, discussing a lot of stuff. Yes, still photos included but in black and white. Boring, right? Life would be much happier and exciting if you put color in it. (What?!) -_-
OK. My point is, would it be much simple if what you are seeing in your textbooks now can be seen in actual? In real life? That could really help you understand history, matey! And loved it, too!

via. Facade of The National Museum
We visited two buildings. First one is the National Art Gallery. It is located near Rizal Park and Intramuros. It houses the finest artwork from distinguished Filipino artists. When I was younger, I always wanted to see what these paintings really look like in actuality. 

And here's what made my life complete!
The magnificent 'SPOLARIUM' by Juan Luna
The Spolarium will be the painting that will greet you upon your entrance to the museum. With its greatly huge canvas hanging from the walls of a large, spacious room depicting dying gladiators, you wouldn't miss it. Definitely.

According to Leon Ma. Guerrero --- "Luna's Spoliarium with its bloody carcasses of slave gladiators being dragged away from the arena where they had entertained their Roman oppressors with their lives...stripped to satisfy the lewd contempt of their Roman persecutors with their honor..." Rizal was footnoted in his speech that the Spoliarium, "embodied the essense of our social, moral and political life: humanity in severe ordeal, humanity unredeemed, reason and idealism in open struggle with prejudice, fanaticism and justice..."

I've always wanted to see this before! I was even teary-eyed when I actually saw this for the first time in my life! Can I die now? Lol

And more artworks from different artists =)

We moved to our next destination. Adjacent to Art museum is the Museum of the Filipino People.
via. Facade of the Museum of the Filipino People
Upon our arrival, we saw school kids having their field trip at the museum. I'm still proud and happy to say that schools still includes museums in their curriculum. Experience is indeed the best teacher!

There are several divisions of the museum: Anthropology, Zoology, Botany, Geology, Archaeology and the Arts. I can't exactly remember how many floors the building has but each floor is divided into different divisions -- each offering different rich culture of the Philippines. 

 *sigh* if these artifacts could talk...

See the wonders and beauty of your land! Visiting a museum will make you relieve the past and acquire knowledge you never thought existed! 
Discover. Learn. Experience.

Here's me and Camille giving our THUMBS UP for The National Museum!

I would like to thank Camille and her mom for having me there + free entrance to the museum :)))

The National Museum.
Padre Burgos St., Manila, Philippines 
Contact No. 527 0278
Visit the Official site: HERE.


  1. Hmm.. I think I remember seeing some of the pictures.. Must be on one of our school field trips too.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to visit the National Museum and sharing your insights of our museum. You might also want to visit and like the National Museum of the Philippines facebook page, see you there....


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