Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Food Trip Saturdays: Big City Grilled Hotdogs and Sausages and Swensen's sundaes

Pardon for this delayed post but my flu over the weekends gets the energy out of me. Somehow I feel better today that's why I managed to make 3 blog posts of different topics ! Huzzaaaah I am so superwoman! Ha ha!

I would like to call my Saturdays now my 'Cheat Day Saturdays'. Not because I'm cheating with you-know-who but with my stomach! Yes, I am on a serious dieting mode now which consists of 2 bananas and an oat fiber crackers for lunch and no dinner for me (or I'll just include crackers just before 6pm). I do it routinely for almost 2 weeks now and guess what? I LOST 3lbs! I created this diet routine myself and it works like magic!

Okaaaay, I'm not here to brag about my dieting wonders but I'm here to tell you how I treated myself for a day. I really can't help it. I LOVE FOOD! But I should discipline myself with my eating habit or else I would end up a mini-whale T__T For last week's Saturday, we ended up at SM Mall of Asia. Le Boyf wanted to buy me a present: a sturdy bag that can handle my essentials. To make the story short, I wasn't able to buy one because I'm too picky. So we ended up eating a lot and to rest our tired feet inside the restos.

First stop is Big City Grilled Hotdogs and Sausages. It's a small store in the middle of two main restos which I completely forgot. But looking the interior, it will catch your fancy mainly from the bright lights and colors. Red, orange, yellow will dominate your sight upon entering, homey and warm.

Le Boyf ordered All Beef Burger with your choice of fries or onion rings and a drink | Php100. He's a big fan of juicy and meaty patties so this goes to his favorites as well. I hesitated to try the onion rings but when I tried one, I grab another until gone! Perfect with mayo!

Mine was an All Beef Sausage with pickles and relish with choice of fries or onion rings and a drink | Php 130. I think the best hotdog I've ever tasted yet! They just grilled it in perfect time to be that juicy and tasty!

What we didn't like there is their ketchup. What constitute a great hotdogs and burgers stand are the condiments dude, and they like diluted it in water. Maybe they want to have more amount of ketchup in the bottle but it tasted bland, definitely killed my hotdogs. Hoping the next time we visit them, the consistency and the tomato-ness of the ketchup will be there.

Next stop, Swensen's!
My intense dieting made me crave for sweets. So I didn't let my Saturday pass without having one! We darted to Swensen's just in time for our dessert.
Lookie-lookie at their glass! It's so cute and I want to take it home!
We settled for a small glass of sundae. Knowing Swensen's hefty servings of real good ice cream, we might not be able to finish the whole glass! Sayang! I ordered Chewy Chocky Fancy | Php 135.

And maaaan, it was heavenly to the last spoon! I simply love those divine wafers and the frozen cherries on top! The hot fudge envelopes the creaminess of the chocolate ice cream, creating a delightful mood within me!

Le boyf has his choice of American Tower | Php 140. Same thing! It was simply divine! Most especially when we reached the strawberry flavored part of the ice cream, not too sweet but just the right thing to leave you smiling and wanting more!

If you're a close friend or following me on my Facebook and Twitter, I posted many times how one day I craved for Almond Roca -- a chocolate of some kind. I was web-browsing and when I saw it somewhere, kid memories came flushing in and in an instant, I wanted those ASAP. Imagine my surprise when I saw a cute, small packet of Almond Roca at Mall of Asia!

and, I was disappointed. Don't ask me why.

Big City Grilled Hotdogs and Sausages
SM Mall of Asia, Seaside Blvd

Pasay City, Metro Manila

G/F SM Mall of Asia, South Wing, Bay Blvd
Pasay City, Metro Manila
(02) 804-0046

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