Monday, August 8, 2011

Christopher Lao - selfless, low-key, brilliant.

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Chris is my blockmate. When I saw this video, like most of us, I laughed. But, having all the free time in the world to make fan pages and post hate messages and tweets is another.

Chris does not deserve this. At all. When my brother asked me if he was an arrogant guy (as he was portrayed in the news bit), I told him not at all - and that is the most ironic thing about this. It was edited in such a way that it made Chris look like a douche. The news bit did not serve any purpose but to humiliate Chris. And this, I say, is irresponsible journalism.

In our block, he is our savior from terror professors. Everybody knows he studies all the material for our class. He is not the type of guy who raises his hand in class and interjects non-sense questions (law students, you know the type I'm talking about). Chris does not even raise his hand in class. He only recites if the professor calls his name. He is the type of guy who the professor calls if nobody can answer the question. He is the type of guy who can stand in recitation for four-hour lectures.

The news bit did not even mention why he has to go brave the floods. Chris is currently studying for the bar exams. To all law students and lawyers, you know the intense pressure that goes in this process. Moreover, Chris is a father. He was on his way to his daughter since his wife was stranded in the office.

Chris hails from Mindanao hence his unfamiliarity with the streets of Metro Manila. And he just learned how to drive when he was in law school.

Having said that, Chris even issued an apology for his tirade caught on video and for blaming everybody but himself in the mishap (welcome to the law profession, Chris, where our motto is cover your own ass).

I know ignoring the issue would do more good for Chris. I guess, this would be the last time I will mention this issue.

To Chris, after the bar exams - and we are all sure you're going to ace that - tell us if you need help. Let's draft laws to prevent this from ever happening again. Or let's sue who we can sue (let's check the prescription for libel on this one).

Does this note gave him justice? Nah. Christopher Lao will always be remembered as the guy who dared the flood and made his car an instant submarine. Kidding. He's a funny guy for me LOL.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Tama! Tawang-tawa din ako dun sa page na "Kwento mo sa lumulutang na kotse ni Christopher Lao" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


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