Monday, August 26, 2013

Lunch is Delivered via Casa Inasal

Aside from being a blogger, what keeps me busy nowadays is my day job as a field nurse. My work requires me to travel daily in and out of the metro, where our medical team performs the scheduled annual physical examination of different companies. Certainly, our day to day work basis is strenuous but having your friends with you at work wouldnt completely bother us with stress and exhaustion.

Last Saturday, our medical team was assigned somewhere in San Juan City. Knowing our team effort has proven to be excellent. I decided to treat them the gastronomic way! With my little surprise plan, I was able to execute it with the help of the newest online delivery in the metro: FOODIE.PH

FOODIE.PH invited me to try out their services. Being a loyal fan of online deliveries, surely I gave it a try! The ordering experience is so easy and very simple to use. What I particularly liked about it us how I can customize my ordering options by adding additional notes, and I can have the option to tip the delivery man! After a few minutes after processing my order, a nice man called me to confirm my order! Very convenient and easy!

Casa Inasals delivery site required me to order a day ahead and I was impressed that it was delivered to us the next day just in time for lunch! Perfect timing! The packaging was supported well enough so no spillage at all.

I am a particular person when it comes to my chicken, and having it cooked the inasal way is one of my favorite. My chicken should be juicy and flavorful enough not only in the skin but also with its meat. And Casa Inasal has proven that to me, so they made it to my favorite list! Casa Inasal boasts in their traditional way of grilling their chicken and truth be told, we were super satisfied and surprised how flavorful it is! The chicken is grilled to perfection!

Their liempo is amazing! It has this distinct taste that makes it flavorful enough. Marinated well and grilled just in the right time to achieve a very juicy meat!

A meal would not be complete without desserts! Initially, I ordered Puto Manapla from the website menu but they informed me that its not available within the week. The day when I expect my order to arrive, someone from called me again to inform me the available desserts, added it with my order and lo! I got my Special Turon with langka! I dont know if this is an error with Casa Inasals side or not but I also got a free biko! Yay! Free or not, thank you very much, Casa Inasal! The turon and biko has just the right sweetness to cap off our meal!

My friends all thanked me enough for my wonderful treat for them! Sure enough, this wouldnt be my last time ordering online using FOODIE.PH since they have numerous partner restaurants around the metro! Give a try and surely you'll be amazed with their fast and easy services!

Casa Inasal
Unit 18 Paseo Icon St. Las Villas
Pasig City, Metro Manila

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