Friday, November 4, 2011

30 Day Drawing Challenge

YES! I challenge myself to this :)
Starting next week, November 7, 2011, Monday will be the start of this 30 day challenge.
I'll be posting photos from the drawings I created.
Hopefully after 30 days, something good will happen..or somewhere in between those 30 days!

*** UPDATE ***

DAY 1 - Me. Of course I'm not artsy enough so IT IS crappy enough. Thanks for the mockery, appreciated much. OK, as you can see, the eyes look dislocated though. LOL IT LOOKED LIKE AN ALIEN!!! HAHAHAHA. I was trying to make it look chinky unfortunately, that. So much for my Chinese eyes. Then the lips, uhm. Yeah, slightly tilted to the left. Or right. Whatever. I guess it's pretty much like me. LOL

DAY 2 - Cats. I LOVE CATS!! I simply adore those pesky creatures! Annoying they may be, I still love them :)))
DAY 3 - Fastfood Finds. YES. I am a big fan of fastfoods. I may be  frequenting high-end restaurants but still, nothing beats the flour-infested, MSG powdered, reheated-from-the-freezer foodies!!! From pizzas, burgers, milkshakes, chickens..if its from fastfood, gotta have them on my stomach, FAST! 

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