Saturday, November 5, 2011

Millenium Trilogy will start now!

Yey! I got the first two books to start with. Actually it's only three books to complete it but nah, I think it will take me days to finish these coz I've got a lot of things to do these weeks (Oh-ha! Ako na bum. Maraming oras! LOL)  
Mom gave me my early holiday moolah para daw pantanggal stress with my so-called you-know-who. She completely understands my situation. She said to follow my intuition and heart. If it's not worth it, then there's no point in pushing it forward. Meganon? Yep, she's my mom :)

Stieg Larrson, I'm gonna read your creations! Welcome me! Welcome meeee!!


  1. Yay! I haven't started on my Stieg Larsson marathon just yet but reading how excited you are makes me want to leave the world and get down to business. Happy reading, Ophine!

  2. @Elaine - Hey Zaps, thanks! I'm halfway through the book and it made me dizzy with all those economics part. Hope you'll enjoy reading it too!


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