Friday, November 18, 2011

A trip to ETON International School

Most of us experienced the "traditional" set-up of schooling. The second home we usually refer to becomes monotonous and gets boring at the same time, unless there will be cool teachers and friends who could save our day. Plus, we have to survive that almost half of our lives. Kaloka 'di ba?
Spell B-o-r-e-d. (photo courtesy of Google images)

On the other side, most parents questioned themselves like: Why am I frustrated with my child's learning pace?Why do I feel impatient to teach my own child? How can my child raise his grades? How can I successfully raise my child?
It is important for parents and teachers to raise questions like these to properly address their concern with the child. And here's where ETON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL comes in the scene.

I was fortunate enough to be invited by Miss Joy Felizardo (Gastronomy by Joy) to be part of this Blogger's event. Yes, my first time to be invited by such and I got giddy about it! Before heading to Eton, I Googled and did some researching. According to their website:
At ETON International Primary School great value is placed upon open communication between Home and School.  This openness of communication is the foundation of a partnership based on the mutual understanding, mutual respect and continued dialogue. 
Upon arrival, I was welcomed by grade schoolers and was ushered to the main lobby and was happily welcomed by Miss Jacqueline Marzan-Tolentino, the founder and president of Eton International School. We were also presented with a simple dance presentation by the kids of Eton =)
We then proceeded to the classrooms starting with the Grade School classes.

Frog dissection. Very Biology!

Notice the teacher to students ratio? Yep, that's like 1:10 kids per class! Talk about being focused.

Making learning fun with playtime!
A student demonstrating how Mimio® technology works.
A class practicing "Reward System", wherein you induce pleasurable effect to your brain. For this, you get a slice of cake or a pizza if you answered a question correctly!

Multimedia Room
Basketball Court
Pool Area
Eton's Vision: To bring enlightenment, wisdom and happiness to every family.
Student's Artwork corner. Makes me realize how talented and creative they are at such young age!
One of the classroom's exhibition wall. 
The last part of the event was for us, bloggers, to take an Evaluation test and to see whether we are Global or Analytic type of persons. This test can help teachers, also parents and guardians, to know more about the personality of their children. This tool can help improve how we could help them grow successfully and how they can enjoy schooling through fun learning, helpful mentors and loving families. And that is what Eton International School is proud of, they have been practicing these modern techniques for seven years now!

Global or Analytical? GLOBAL =)

For more information, please visit their official site:
or thru their Facebook Fan Page:


  1. I wish I could also attend an event like this! :))

  2. twas nice meeting you at this event, til next...

  3. @Joy: Thanks again! Great meeting you too :)

  4. Is this the one near Robinson's Malate? Oh wow, never thought this school looks good. How I wish I could enter my child in there.

  5. My sister used to teach there. Haha


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