Friday, November 25, 2011

Fall down seven times, stand up eight.

Literally speaking, what's with the numbers SEVEN and EIGHT that they have to put up a Japanese proverb like that? Though it is clear to be interpreted, why the numbers seven and eight?

According to my research: 
Some say that the reason it is 7-8 is that the number 7 七is made up of a verticle bar cutting a horizontal bar, representing defeat. so using a number greater than 7, which naturally is 8, represents that even though you mess up many times, you don't give up and keep trying.
And another source came up with this speculation:
  There is also a saying that it was inspired from when babies begin to walk their first steps, first they fall but naturally keep on trying over and over. It is said that it first started as 一転び二起き(1-2)、三転び四起き(3-4)、五転び六起き(5-6) and eventually turned into 七転び八起き(7-8)
Numerous interpretations have come up why the seven and the eight but none of those satisfied my curiosity. To come with another reality interpretation, it simply states that:
 No matter how many times you get pulled down, keep fighting to get back up.

I don't know why I'm bothering myself analyzing this proverb. It does not even have a clear connection with my past. I may read or heard it before but that's just it, just a plain proverb for me...until, yesterday. That same proverb kept popping out of nowhere wherever I go.

My day started like these:

  • Woke up and open my computer. The first appearance of the proverb was seen as a status of my friend on Facebook.
  • Opened my Twitter. It was tweeted by two of my friends who are not related with one another. Retweeted thrice by three different persons.
  • Went to St. Jude Church, overheard two medical students from San Beda College talking about defeat or something and mentioned the same proverb.
  • Was random blog reading and it was mentioned from her latest blog post.

All in one day. Pure coincidental or just sheer luck, I don't know. But it crept on my mind. It stayed there for hours. Fall down seven times, stand up eight.  Why? What sense or purpose does this proverb have in my life now?

See me struggle with these hardships, I'll get back to you all. One after another. 

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