Monday, April 23, 2012

3M Pizza - Pinoy Pizza Forever

 The favorite among the set of pizza flavors is the 3MSupreme

Pizza and pasta are two Italian food favorites that have been integrated into the Filipino table fare. But unlike our Mediterranean friends, we like our pizza and pasta sweet and with a hint of spice.

3M Pizza has been well known for its ham and cheese pizza with a crispy thin crust that is smothered with sweet, home-style tomato sauce. For over 43 years now, this pizza has made millions of Filipino pizza lovers happy and satisfied. “We all practically grew up or grew old with it,” said Emmanuel Sun, one of the five co-owners of Three M Golden Pizza Corp.,

3M Pizza Pie was founded by Merle B. Hemedes in 1969 together with her three sisters. A regular pizza lover in New York, she thought of reinventing her pizzas by making a unique sauce that caters to the Filipino palate. To make her “pizza pie” more accessible, she put up a small kiosk outside the family’s toy shop business at Araneta Arcade in Quezon City. It became an instant hit since it was the first time Filipinos ever tasted pizza.

3M Pizza, now under new a management, returns to the market in 2006 with aggressive plans to re-establish itself as the leading quick-serve pizza, pasta and snacks in the country by reinventing the brand and upgrading its image. The new owners streamlined the operations and implemented a semi-automated production process. They also established an R&D team composed of culinary chefs and market analysts who helped the company develop new products and new unique Pinoy pizza line.

With a name that is as strong as ever, a recreated brand logo and store look, better and more exciting pizza and pasta offerings, and aggressive marketing efforts, 3M Pizza is taking the business to the next level—franchising.

With the help of a franchising consultant, the company is offering an exciting food business prospect to budding entrepreneurs that is easy to operate and learn yet profitable to own.

Since 1969, 3M Pizza is characterized by its pizza unique sweet and slightly spicy sauce that caters to the Filipino taste and with a thin crispy crust topped by ham and cheddar cheese. Since then, it has expanded to 7 more flavors—top-billed by best-seller Hawaiian Delight with pineapple and ham, garlic and cheese, Pepperoni Feast, Mushroomania, Gardener's Delight, Beefy Meat Sauce, and 3M Pizza Supreme.  All these toppings are offered in mini (7-inch diameter). Medium (10 inches) and mega (13 inches) sized. In addition, the company now also offers lasagna, spaghetti, 3M Pizza Roll and Cheesedog.

The company also plans to offer new toppings inspired by Filipino dishes, one of which is the spicy Bicol Express. The pasta line will also be expanded to include a new spaghetti sauce with hotdog, as well as baked Mac and “palabok.”

A prototype big store is also in the works that will offer meal packages that include crispy and spicy fried chicken, sago’t gulaman drink and even sweet dessert pizza concoctions.

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