Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Girls just wanna have fun at Club Manila East!

Hooray for SUMMER!!!
The time of the year where almost everyone dares to wear the skimpiest of the skimpiest! From strings, straps, micros and thongs? LOL! The summer heat causes a wave of pure energy and excitement for everyone, never mind the sweat for you could always take a bath or in my case, a dip into the cool pool!

After two years in the making, it has been done! My girls and I decided to push it through for our summer getaway at Club Manila East at the heart of Taytay, Rizal! It has been a long-time dream for us to go to this place for its magnificent pools and waves. Boarding a G-Liner bus around 8 in the morning at Manila City Hall, travel time took only an hour and a half. Enough for us to gossip, laugh, nibble and whatnots. Hey, girls will always be girls! :)

Upon arrival, us girls were very much eager to go inside and would love to jump into the huge pool that will greet you upon entering! It was scorching hot that day so the heat was really unbearable.

After dropping our bags at the cabana, we went first to the most exciting part: the Wave pool!

OK. So it wasn't producing waves though. The pool have a schedule on when to turn on their waves. But look at the size of the pool, it's so big everyone can have lots of room once the waves started! We opted to check other amenities while we wait for the waves to start.

This canoe ride is so awesome! I feel like a pro riding this one, though it's my first time to ride on such! Still, the pool is also large, giving everyone enough space to paddle their boats around.

CME has a zipline as well! For Php150, you can enjoy and view almost the entire resort from up above! Mind you, that zipline is looooong :)

We went back to the wave pools and surprisingly, we discovered that there are TWO HUGE WAVE POOLS PALA! The first one we went too awhile ago was deeper compared to the second one we discovered. Suitable for shorter people, like me. HA!

ME on the left. YES, nalulunod pa din ako kahit mababaw na ang pool :|
After the satisfying feeling that wave pool gave us, we went to the most challenging part of the resort: The 14-FEET DROP. Yes, 14! Jumping from the high cliff is like a jump for life! Scream all the way down after jumping! (Pardon, I don't have a photo of it. Boo!)

Anyways, this is just a short post of our very long day having fun and enjoying the perks of being a girl! Endless laughters, endless nibbling, endless gossiping, endless powder re-touching. Girls will always be girls having fun altogether! :)

Million thanks to Lya, Camille, Debs and Bea's cameras! I was too lazy to take photos myself so I grabbed these photos on my post via their Facebook accounts! :)

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