Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jollibee's Chocolate and Coffee Floats - your perfect drink for summer!

Jollibee, one of the largest fast-food chain restaurant in the Philippines, and slowly conquering the world, has once again unveiled their newest product to be sold out in the market!

This has got me excited since this is my first time to be part of a bloggers event for Jollibee and I really cannot contain my excitement since I've known Jollibee ever since childhood days! It's like my taste buds has been friends with them over the years now, like best buddies!
Held at Jollibee-Amang Rodriguez branch, bloggers are in for a surprise! Jollibee has unveiled their newest products: The Chocolate and Coffee Floats!
Enchong Dee not included, sorry. Haha!
Each guest were given a sample of these floats to experience how you'll get a lift after sipping on these refreshments (joke intended). Nevertheless, it was double yummy! The long drive plus the scorching heat of the sun makes it really unbearable to stay long outside. I even feel dehydrated after a few minutes just by walking and not doing anything strenuous! These floats has been a total lifesaver since it gave me the refreshing and rewarding feeling of being cold and cozy inside the restaurant and sipping my cold float.

First one I tried is the Jollibee Coffee Float -- a mode of delightfully smooth iced coffee crowned with rich vanilla soft serve and chocolate swirls.
Ice cream and coffee has contrasting flavors. For me, the sweetness of the ice cream and the strong flavor of the coffee does not balance out, but in overall I would really try it again for a quick perking up especially for a dull day at work -- icy, sweet style (work is near Jollibee, perfect!).

And the Jollibee Chocolate Float -- topped with creamy vanilla soft serve and chocolate syrup on a deliciously rich iced chocolate! Just by typing the description makes me want to drool more for this drink! YES! This is an instant fave for me because of the yummy iced chocolate! The chocolate drink and the ice cream is the coolest combination! I think I found my perfect summer drink, and I'll be ordering more of this in days to come. And the best part? I could easily find this one since Jollibee is almost everywhere! Yummy!

Perfect also with Cheese and Sour-cream fries!
What are you waiting for? Head to your nearest Jollibee stores now and taste the Oh-so-refreshing yumminess of The All New Jollibee Chocolate and Coffee Floats -- and get a lift!


  1. Good review! But don't you think the float is so expensive for its consumers? :)

    1. I have to somehow agree with you, Flordeliz. But to think that they used chocolate and coffee drinks for these floats may cost higher so maybe that explains why. Pero, something different compared to the usual soda floats right? :) Try it soon!

  2. Good value for money. Jollibee Coffee Float tastes like Starbucks but half the price

  3. Jollibee does surprise me with their list of amazing menu. Although I think that they are also trying to get past their competitor McDonalds which already has a McCafe. Comparing the quality of the floats and frappes in McCafe, I gotta say I'll go for that than Jollibee's. But if you are into less price with the pleasure of chocolate/coffee and ice cream with a drizzle of Chocolate syrup on top, go for Jollibee.


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