Sunday, April 1, 2012

The awesome delight at Chicken Delish!

Last Sunday, I invited my friends to go with me for the annual summer food festivity, The Best Food Forward held at The NBC Tent, The Fort (and million thanks to Nuffnang Philippines for my free tickets!). 

While inside, we walked from streamlines of booths with different dishes, desserts and drinks, did some catching up with friends, absorbing the culture and honoring the sales staff that's constantly exclaiming the never tiring line "Free taste mam/sir?" by nibbling on their free samples.

I was really lucky to experience this. They had a large variety of food, from humongous burgers to garlic fries to a cornucopia of sweets. It was like magic for a foodie soul like me. A wonderful food adventure! Like it an instant, the song "Paradise" by Coldplay kept playing in my head as we are walking --- I am serious. LOL

As we are getting more and more excited for trying out desserts. We decided to have our main course, something gratifying for our bottomless pit called tummy. Until this booth caught our eyes:

They create chicken like your mama used to make but with a twist! A modern panache of international & local sauce from Sweet and Spicy, Pinoy barbecue, Sriracha, Pinoy buffalo, Salt and Pepper to the good ol' chicken with gravy! Every bite was simply pleasant.  

There's KFC, Mang Inasal and the currently trending Bon Chon. 
So why eat here? I'll give you 3 reasons.

First, fried chicken is indispensable in our culture. From birthday parties, weddings, graduations and all sorts of occasions, there's the undying fried chicken present. Chicken Delish took that everyday fried chicken and sprinkled it with pizzazz that suits everyone and anyone form its peerless menu, it's like your taste buds are having a wild college party. 

Second, the gourmet taste of not only their chicken but their pasta is to die for as well, its a whole jamboree in a plate.

Third, this soon to rise brand has found a way to bring an incredible culinary experience to the Filipino population by making the common chicken funky fresh fresh again. It brought sexy back poultry style!

I got to pick the brain of Chicken Delish owner-slash-blogger and an incredible cook Miss Annalyn Jusay-Zoglmann. She said that she was serving her gourmet-style fried chicken to her family even before the Bon Chon phenomena took the public.
Miss Annalyn herself!
"Chicken is something every member of my family loves and experimenting on the many ways to cook it was a natural progression of our passion for all things poultry-related. I have to admit that the internet helped me in this regard as I stumbled upon a few recipes and modified them to suit our taste."
"It came to a point that I wasn't just happy serving my chicken at home as I was also pondering my retirement from the corporate jungle and embarking on a business. Am really entrepreneurial by nature and I saw a trend for gourmet fried chicken in the market, not just inasal. I went ahead to test my business idea in the Soderno Sunday market last year and after its initial success with the weekend crowd, an opportunity came for me to open a stand-alone store at the Caltex Gas station in Better Living, Paranaque City. I've also been joining bazaars like the Midnight Mercato in the Fort to gain further exposure for my product," --- says AJ.

Another thing is that the flavorful empire is still under construction, she is still finding ways to reconstruct and invent new and savory sauces for her fried chicken!

Her bestsellers are the sweet and spicy sauce, Pinoy barbecue which excites the palate with it's garlicky taste and Sriracha that kinda taste like Chinese sweet and sour sauce. 

Sometimes there are some customers that would ask for the traditional buffalo wings so the ever flexible Chicken Delish would oblige, they have a bottle always ready partnered with blue cheese dressing.
The adventure has been entirely magnificent for Miss AJ who is totally a foodie by heart. She says -- "It is my dream to open more stores and then perhaps I can fulfill my wish to retire from my 9 to 5 job. Am glad to say that I've had a customer who's eaten our fried chicken with sauce everyday for the last two months. It is quite addicting!"

Chicken Delish epitomizes the future of fried chicken, they are adventurous and they create a brand new way of experiencing the delight in eating fried chicken that we all know and love. Eating here with my friends has made my day totally awesome, it was really fun making this new discovery!

Four-piece chicken wings cost only P90 while two-piece drumsticks are at P120.

For more info about Chicken Delish
Check our their Facebook Page: Chicken Delish

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