Thursday, May 3, 2012

AQUA: The Biggest Pool Party and E-Wrist Introduction

This year's hottest day gave off a whopping 37 degrees and climbing. Everyday is really infuriating. Going to work is a drag and probably doing almost anything is troublesome when faced with this major heat wave. I won't say this as warm, not even hot but totally nuclear! Tried out some sago't gulaman and it does takes of the edge for a few minutes but doesn't really help. Fans and air-condition just don't cut it. I feel like giving up my whole self for Pete's sake just because of this humid season.

I mean seriously we've been there. Like everyone in town deserves a little break from this mad season.  So what's a whole new agenda to kick this summer heat and making it interesting at the same time? HAVE AN AWESOME POOL PARTY WITH THE COOLEST PEOPLE AT THE COOLEST PARTY PLACE IN TOWN!

Water and Technology. Mix that and it would be a cool combination of  Manila Ocean Park's latest offering! Their goal is to become the leading tech-savvy theme park in the country!

Social media sites specifically Facebook and Twitter have been the favorite tools used by Filipinos to connect with loved ones. The virtual world has been more accessible due to the latest gadgets currently available in the market. This new trend is especially appealing to the youth, who are tech-savvy and able to adapt to the new features and enhancement.

Get this guys: Manila Ocean Park recently acquired an innovative IT solution from Europe and this latest technology will be used and seen in different popular attraction such as the Oceanarium, Trails to Antartica, Marine Life Habitat, Jellies Exhibit, Liquid Pool and Lounge and Acquatica. 

How it works? Use it with their E-wrist Tag!
With an initial deposit of Php100, you can avail the e-wrist tag and guests will have to initially register their Facebook and Twitter accounts at the registration booth which will let them post their statuses and photos while around the park. Groovy!
This technology was first introduced for inventory control and timing sporting events. Now it's being used as a social tool, where real time meets the virtual world with no geographical boundaries.
Guests, media and invited bloggers (like me!) had a fantastic night of my summer life that time. Our night started off with a spectacular Magical Fountain Show and I was amazed and got giddy like a kid again seeing those colorful lights and fireworks!

The night was pumped-up by performances from top local bands Silent Sanctuary, Tanya Markova, Moonstar 88 and more! We enjoyed and groove the night away with drink at the Liquid Pool Bar and Lounge and listened to the pulsating beats from house music and club DJ's. 
Great night with water and colorful nights -- of course, with awesome people in it!
A night to remember indeed. I've met a lot of friends, eat a yummy dinner, dance the night away, swim till I drown -- Lol! Head to Manila Ocean Park now and experience water and technology at its best!
For more information:
Go to their Official site:
Or thru their Facebook Page: HERE


  1. Looks a lot of fun! Where you able to watch the lights and fountain show while swimming?

    1. We did, Madam Ia! Million thanks to youuuu :))

  2. Wow! Your photos showed that you enjoyed a lot the pool Party. I wasn't able to be here but Glorious Hope event was worth it too. :)

    1. Hi Laids! It was a fun night really :) you should head to MOP as soon as possible haha!


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