Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mommy, thanks for being the BEST mom in the world!

I guess that by now, million people around the world have greeted, called or written moms how much they value the love and care they received from them. I mean, who wouldn't, right?

As a nurse, I've encountered several expectant moms who are excited to bear their child. For about nine months of lugging around while doing some household chores or still going at the office or practically staying at home watching favorite shows, the long wait and the patience will be worth it.

"MAGICAL" -- is the only thing she could say when I asked a mommy patient how she felt after hearing its first cry. I may never completely understand how mommies feel when they are giving birth. With all the long process of child-bearing to postnatal, I could say it is strenuous and painful at the same time. But when you ask them after seeing their baby, all the pain are nothing when they get to look at the baby's eyes.

My mommy is the strongest person I've ever known. And also from her I inherited the same strong personality that I have now. She doesn't easily crumble down on a certain difficulty. She may feel sad for awhile but she'll regain composure and ready to fight again. Bitchasss you ain't nothin' to ma mama, yo!!!

Sorry for that, it's just that my mommy is a pure kick-ass chic. Or sometimes, a real pain in the ass. LOL

With her genuine love topped with awesome patience drizzled with rich kindness and care and hinted with a squeeze of fresh beauty, my mommy is a pure concoction of being the BEST MOM IN THE WHOLEEEE WIDE WORLD! The perfect mixture!

Mommy, thanks for being the best. We are these best individuals that we are because you bring out the best in us. I couldn't just describe any word for you because you are the best among the rest. No one can top off you! More years for us to keep the love burning and binding us forever! We love you :) Happy Mother's Day!!!
Pizza would be great tonight, isn't it? Shall I call the delivery later? Hihihihi

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